ISRAEL: Active Collaboration in Genocide by Ministry of Health
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8 thoughts on “ISRAEL: Active Collaboration in Genocide by Ministry of Health”

  1. After all that was done to “create” the Zionist state, how does this auto-destruct policy add up?

    1. About 20 years ago the Jews of Israel started converting to the Christian Faith, this has increased every year. Other Jews are returning to the observance of the Torah, in increasing numbers. Both are seen as enemies by the disciples of the Antichrist…

  2. In Barbara Tuchmans book, when Britain conquered the Holy Land in 1917 they immediately turned it over to Rothschild. She questioned why.

  3. I looked up liquid crystals today, and discovered patents between Huawei (sp), DC, and several other labs, finding of course from NIH, and what they were was liquid crystal graphene oxide. And its so you can use a bar scanner on the biolumescence, and produce a signature of of internal organs, arteries and veins. And the drug delivery that has been discussed, in these abstract is about producing whatever abundance they want from our own hormones, which they do manufacture as drugs, like adrenaline or dopamine. And they can be manipulated through gene editing, so they can be harvested. Its really sick!!! Pubmed has the PDFs, as does the doi system.

    1. Nevertheless, the big pushers of the Vaccine are all gentiles… Gates, Fauci, Trump, Biden etc..

  4. The video link listed above is no longer available (ISRAEL: Active Collaboration in Genocide by Ministry of Health) is there somewhere else that it is linked to.

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