Austrian DeathVaxxed MP says, “Vaccines are saf….” then collapses
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10 thoughts on “Austrian DeathVaxxed MP says, “Vaccines are saf….” then collapses”

  1. Not wishing anyone a bad outcome, but I wonder if there was divine intervention as to what happened.

    1. This kind of Divine intervention is called the Divine Providence, as a genus, and as a species, the Divine Vengeance.

  2. Let’s hope she is alright and not having a bad repercussion other than fainting. Strange timing .

  3. I can see the hand of God in this. It happened on film for all the world to see, right as she was saying “The vaccine is sa….”. There was a similar incident a few months back with another public figure. I believe the Almighty is giving us signs about the danger of these vaccines.

  4. The Spirit of God says “You want vaccines, I’ll give you vaccines until you start falling in the streets. You worship the poison needle like some God of the old testament to give you health, while it kills my babies and my ignorant people. This idol worship must stop now. You will not be raptured away from yours sins, you must repent and change your ways”.

  5. This falls under the category of “being made an example”. Is there any news of her current condition and has she made any further statements?

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