Dear Globalists, you have until October 31st to avoid Nuremberg 2.0


This is a great initiative. Every political movement which opposes the Great Reset and Plandemic must declare the same. This alone will prove on whose side you really are. The free peoples of the Earth need to draw a line in the sand!  Let’s call this the Nuremburg Alliance. Let it be international. The one creed shall be that all who participated, actively or by support — that means all the globalists, their servants in government and media, industry and medicine etc., and all the Billionaires — in the Plandemic must be brought to trial for crimes against humanity. Those found guilty must be put to death and all their assets confiscated.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Globalists, you have until October 31st to avoid Nuremberg 2.0”

  1. I hope the judges have totally watertight personal security. 3 prime ministers who dared to oppose the diabolical jab program were mysteriously killed. Tanzanian Haitian and one other African I believe.

  2. I pray that something good will happen here, since evil seems to be winning every time now. We thought the truckie strike would bring the country to it’s knees and it didn’t. We thought that our prime minister was suspended from parliament well that didn’t do much good either he is back leading us into destruction. We thought we could get rid of Daniel Andrews in Victoria through IBAC, well he is still there. No matter the dirt and corruption found on him, evil still clings on to their useful idiotic puppets.
    We thought our new premier of NSW would change things, however he is just another puppet of the elite.

    Now we have this to look forward to and the next election I pray it won’t be rigged as was done in the US, and evil is defeated through Our Lady and St Michael the Archangel.
    I won’t hold my breath though since the consecration still hasn’t been done.

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