Our Lady of La Salette foretold a Jesuit Anti-Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Before she died, Melanie, the visionary of Our Lady at La Salette, explained one of the most cryptic passages in the Secret which Our Lady entrusted to her, which she revealed in its entirety only at the end of her life.

31. ‘The Church will be eclipsed, the world will be in consternation. But behold Enoch and Elie filled with the Spirit of God; they will preach with the strength of God, and men of good will will believe in God, and many souls will be consoled; they will make great progress by the virtue of the Holy Spirit and will condemn the devilish errors of the antichrist.’

Abbé Combe, the editor of the 1904 edition of this secret, adds the following note after this paragraph:

‘I have from Melanie that the Church will be eclipsed in this sense, that 1) one will not know which is the true pope; 2) for a time: the holy Sacrifice will cease to be offered in churches, and also in houses: so there will be no more public worship. But she saw that yet the holy Sacrifice would not cease: it would be offered in caves, in tunnels, in barns and in alcoves.’

I have already commented on this passage, on the occasion of the 175th Anniversary of the apparition.

But now I want to point out something which is as plain as day, if you have eyes to see, and think about the words of Our Lady.

The Church will be eclipsed.

What happens during an eclipse?  The Sun is obstructed by the Moon.

Have you ever seen a total eclipse in person.  I had this opportunity as a child, growing up in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. I remember it distinctly, because it totally amazed me that near noon, the entire world would grow as dark as night.

During an eclipse the WHITE clothed Sun is covered by the BLACK clothed Moon.  The Moon tries to usurp the place of the Sun. But fails as soon as it does.

So, according to Melanie, since the Sun refers to the true pope, and the moon to the false pope, then “Sun” = “pope”, and you can rephrase, what I just wrote in bold italics, thus:

During the eclipse of the Church the WHITE POPE is pushed aside by the BLACK anti-Pope.

But the “Black Pope” is the traditional title for the Jesuit of highest rank in the Society.

Therefore, it seems that in this one metaphor, Our Lady was teaching that:

  1. There would be a conflict between the Pope and an anti-Pope.
  2. The Anti-Pope would be defeated.
  3. The Pope would outlast or outlive the anti-Pope.
  4. The Anti-Pope will be a Jesuit.

I think the Queen of Heaven uses Her words with great precision. Thus I believe we can be confident She was giving us a very pregnant message of truth, in such a way, as to give us guidance when the darkness would break out.

When Our Lady came to La Salette, France, on September 19, 1846, she did so in the 33rd year after Pope Pius VII restored the Society of Jesus in existence on August 7, 1814, after its suppression by the Franciscan Conventual Pope, Clement XIV in July 21, 1773. I think therefore that we can now explain theologically why Our Lady came in 1846. The Society was named after Her divine Son, Who redeemed the world when He was 33 year of age. To warn the world about this restored Society of Jesus was in fact essential to Her Mission. We all know by now into what utter corruption and perfidy the Society has fallen. And Bergoglio is the flower of all that impurity and impiety.

Holy Virgin of La Salette thank you! And protect us!

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29 thoughts on “Our Lady of La Salette foretold a Jesuit Anti-Pope”

  1. 8.5 yrs makes for a very long “eclipse, indeed, but should Benedict undergo a conversion, so as to reclaim the Throne, or outlive Bergog, your interpretation may be vindicated. What makes what we undergo so very different from 1378-1414 is that none of the claimants then (to my knowledge, at any rate) were known to attack the deposit of Faith, nor did the true Pope ever capitulate to a pretender.

    We have just passed through three great Marian posts (Theotokos, Pilar, Fatima’s Miracle), following last week’s anniversary of Lepanto, where the Christian flagship bore a copy of the Guadalupana. I am told that the crescent in the miraculous tilma is dull owing to piously-added silver paint’s tarnishing, but that beneath that unfortunate touch, the moon is actually pure white. Has your agile appraisal envisioned when we might hope to see the “sun” to re-emerge from behind the “moon”?

    1. Bergoglio won’t last long. I hope to see Christmas come by the time he is gone. But as the mass was suspended in March 2020, we may have to wait a year, two years and a half for the restoration to take place, as Daniel prophesied of old…

  2. PS As I re-read Melanie’s relation, I can’t help wondering whether we can expect pre-cursors of the Apocalypse’s Enoch & Elias, or even those holy prophets themselves to emerge and lead us out of the morass. Meanwhile: Jn 10, 5.

    1. St. Hildegard of Bingen says that the Holy Prophets will return to Earth as soon as the Antichrist starts preaching, which will be in the year following the death of the restored King of France, in his 74th year of age.

      1. Pedro’s vision involving the mirror image made me think of this quote from the alleged third secret of Fatima:

        “And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’.”

  3. The coincidences between St. francis and his children with the end times and the pope catch my attention, I think. there is some deeper message in all of this.

    1. St. Francis foretold that his sons would war against the Antichrist, and that the Antichrist will be a former member of our Order.

      1. Hmmm … Then it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to nail down (at least eventually) who this might be.

  4. That would be correct, since Bergoglio greeted us with words on the day of his inauguration buona SERA!

      1. Please can you explain for those readers, like me, that don’t understand the significance of Bergoglio’s “buona sera”.

      2. Good evening! is what “Buona sera” means. It the standard way of welcoming someone at the setting of the sun, or in this case, at the beginning of the eclipse.

  5. Brother, I know you sometimes share videos made by Stew Peters. Have you seen the interview he did with someone named Philippe Argillier? What do you make of this? I got a very uncomfortable feeling listening to him. Much like when Bergoglio stepped out onto the loggia.

    1. No, please share the link. All I know about Peters is that he is an ex-punker turned bounty hunter.

    1. This is true, the term, “Black Pope” is used only in reference to the Major Superior of the Society of Jesus. But that is in fact what they regard him to be, as “pope”, since the Jesuits have always regarded the Pope as their superior in a very special way, as they take a vow of obedience to him.

  6. This is absolutely amazing!! There’s a great deal to ponder here … Thank you, Brother!

  7. If anything, Bergoglio is the world’s first and only black-eyed Pope. He’s gotten a few black eyes during his fake papal visits. Very interesting article on the symbolism mentioned by Our Lady of La Salette! Very plausible.

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