4 thoughts on “GERMANY: Hesse allows all supermarkets & groceries to ban unVaxxed masses”

  1. Several months ago at a Kroger grocery store, a man who worked there was restocking shelves. He said hed noticed more a nd more a big trend towards ordering online groceries. This could shut down local stores and leave only one source ultimately of buying our food ….Communism
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    1. Interesting observation. Ordering groceries from home rolled in as if on cue in early 2020, across Canada. Interestingly, the head of one of the major chains had been invited to Davos some years before. ^Theyç are working hard to reshape society and limit human interaction. I’ll pass on transhumanism, thank you.

    2. Meijer, a Christian company(?), seems to have emptier shelves than does Kroger. Hmmm. I will continue to shop at Meijer.

  2. Luckily the great majority of grocery stores in Hesse, Germany are not going along with this.

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