Anti-Pope blasphemes the Living God by calling for DeathVaxx for all

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo
on article above (click image to read)

There comes a point when supporters become more ridiculous than the leader they support. And that moment arrives daily in the case of the followers of the Anti-Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

In his latest diabolic stunt, he has, “in the name of God”, called for the institution of universal salaries for all, whether they work or not, and the availability of the DeathVaxx for all — in an evident attempt to make sure that no one ever receives that salary for long.

It is a blasphemy of the living God to call in the name of God for that which kills His creatures and renders them indolent. It is a blasphemy because He is the God of Life and the God who ordained man to work in sweat as a punishment for the sin of Adam.

But it is a blasphemy, above, all, to invoke the Holy Name of God when calling for such things.

What those who name Bergoglio in the canon of the Mass, and who attend such masses do, however, is a greater blasphemy.  They attend Mass to receive the Sacrament and to do so pay the price of regarding as insignificant that the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ is offered in communion with the most antichristic man who has ever lived: who prevented the Faithful from celebrating Easter for the first time in 2000 years, who by his orders has forced them to attend Mass blaspheming the Living God by wearing the mask and in sacrilege, by accepting that His Body be dropped in their hands like a cookie.

For the sake of not being called a schismatic from Globalism or from the regime, they have sold their souls for the deeds of sin and shamefulness.

Such is the sad lot of those who call the Anti-Pope, “the Pope”.

These are the Christians who have given power to the Beast, so that as pope, and now in the name of God, he could convince 1.2 Billion Catholics to take the DeathVaxx and die. These are the Catholics who have given power to the False Prophet, so that he could with impunity be obeyed when ordering priests and seminarians to be deathvaxxed as a condition for remaining in the ministry or being ordained.

These are the defiant and proud men who for the sake of a public external show presume of themselves to declare good evil and evil good.

These are the disciples, not of Jesus Christ, but of the Antichrist to come.

Finally, Bergoglio has shown that the vast majority of Catholics live not by the Catholic Faith, but live either by the spirit of the Pharisees of old, who want a religion of externals, or by the spirit of the Sadducees who are concerned with power and influence, but discount spiritual or eternal truths and goods. I for one, as a child, wondered why the Church in Her liturgy cited passages from scripture every Sunday in which Christ was railing against both groups. Now I see She knew exactly what was going on in the hearts of men.