5 thoughts on “Govt. Reports suggest that DeathVaxxed are developing AIDS”

  1. It seems Br. Bugnolo was right about the dark times the whole world is heading to. May God have mercy on the Souls of the moribund ones and on those who will survive the genocide.

  2. Father, do you feel like this is what is actually going to happen to those who took the vaccine? It is hard to imagine that rate of deterioration in immune system. Thank you for your website and for your care of souls.

    1. I do not feel about things like this. I THINK, REMEMBER AND READ. And I think that antibody priming will be a major effect in the deaths of hundreds of millions, because I read experts on this topic and they all agree that the mRNA tech used in the DeathVaxxes is both unsafe and ineffective and damaging to the natural immune system of the human body.

      1. Thank you for the reply, Fr. I appreciate it. I am so scared for all who have taken the vaccine and wish I know what to do about the situation many might be facing. I will continue to pray. Peace in Christ to you.

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