The next phase in the Globalist War against humanity: Supply Chain Disruptions

And since censorship is the best bellweather to determine what is true in a Orwellian Dictatorship, take note of this:

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3 thoughts on “The next phase in the Globalist War against humanity: Supply Chain Disruptions”

  1. I fully support this website and the work you do. I couldn’t agree more with the content being published and hope you succeed by opening the eyes of not only Roman Catholics, but the entire world, since all of your content applies to everyone and our current situation.

    There’s no doubt that COVID is Communism, Obedience Training, and an elevated Flu bug all wrapped up into one for the eager, dumbed-down, radical lunatic left, and anyone else who is blindly pushing this agenda by not doing their homework. It is a pity that people are so lazy and selfish. They are too lazy to learn the facts about so many different things that would most certainly put the Satanic Brotherhood of Freemasonry on display, where they need to be until they can be fully eradicated from every inch of the world.

  2. How Ironic that I just noticed on the left side of the page “The 15 Saint Bridget prayers” when I just started saying them 3 days ago. I had tried once before but never completed them. These prayers, combined with the full armor of God, will give a person extraordinary strength to stay on course towards Eternal Salvation. This is such an extraordinary and powerful set of prayers that I strongly encourage everyone to say them.

    I know the power of prayer and realize it requires an enormous amount of faith from a new person of faith to believe such promises. However, the closer you are to God, the more Grace you are given to comprehend the power of prayer and God’s plan for us. These prayers, when said from the heart and mind will bring you so close to God. You will feel it. I don’t need to tell you this, it’s just that I’m excited to see it mentioned on this website.

    Prayer is immensely powerful when done from the heart and mind simultaneously. Just remember that as a child we would never doubt such things. That is why when Jesus indicated we must be like children, I interpreted that to mean “we must be like children and believe with unwavering faith in God’s plan for our Eternal Salvation.” Nothing means more to Him than this. Likewise, we can believe promises from people who were so incredibly close and connected to God.

    What an amazing time to be alive. Get ready folks because Jesus Christ will be returning soon! Start saying these prayers and repent of your ways by choosing a new and direct path to God. Prayer is and always will be the best defense against spiritual forces of darkness but in this case, they are the best offense against all enemies of humanity.

    Try them for yourself! Word of advice before you begin. Put your body and mind in a state of stillness.

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