AJ Baalman: I think Amess was murdered for opposing the Green Pass rollout

A.J. Baalman: I don’t think Sir David Amess was killed because he was a Catholic; he was killed for more diabolical reasons; he led a part of the Parliament that was fighting against the Vaccine Passport .

Br. Bugnolo: If so, then he may have been assassinated at the request of Bill Gates, who arrived in London to speak with Boris Johnson just days after, for a previously scheduled push for the DeathVaxx passport.  Those Londoners spoke more truth than they realized, perhaps.

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6 thoughts on “AJ Baalman: I think Amess was murdered for opposing the Green Pass rollout”

  1. Many people are still awake, brother Bugnolo.
    You are not alone!
    Hope we all can make it to the other site🙏

  2. AJ is most likely right…I hope there will be an intensive investigation into the truth of the situation.
    Meanwhile, pray that Our Lord will hear his pleas in Heaven, bc , like Therese of Liseaux said on her deathbed, ” I dont intend on being inactive in Heaven”… My sense is that Sis David Amess would be right in there with her.

    1. The MKUltra program has as one objective the psychological programming of assassins, and that is why it is not rare that these attackers had been in clinics beforehand. From the assassination attempt against Regan to the present, read the stories about the backgrounds of these loonies and you will see a pattern, because loonies by themselves do not all line up doing the Globalist agenda by happenstance…

  3. I believe that police – many of whom are Freemasons – may have been instructed to deny him access to last rites, both to:
    punish him to the maximum extent possible, and
    to demonstrate Freemasonry’s superior power over the Catholic Church – at least temporally and temporarily.

    1. Exactly. That is why the priest should have threatened them with arrest for violating of his religious rites. But in the UK, the clergy have completely sold out long ago… so much so that “devout” is considered an term of extremism.

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