9 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Let’s pray the Rosary together”

  1. There are times knowing Latin/Italian would be great. Merely Spanish and Portuguese don’t cut it enough to pray. Similar and still not the same.

  2. Should we include the Luminous mysteries? I am unsure how that came about and hesitant to change the way I pray – only 15 mysteries.

    1. I discourge the Lumininous mysteries, because all the saints after the 14th century speak only of the 15 mysteries and Our Lady has appeared many times with a Rosary with 15 mysteries. John Paul II committed, I believe, a horrible act of presumption adding another 5 without any sign from Heaven to do so.

      1. Thank you, Br. Alexis. Please recommend a resource about the rosary. Having heard from friends and relatives who were vocal against acknowledging Mary’s role in our life, I want to cast away doubt that creeps in when I pray the rosary.

        p.s. I started reading Venerable Sheen’s “The World’s First Love: Mary, Mother of God” because I cannot “explain“ my love for Mary. I grew up knowing and loving her, but I feel helpless and grasping for explanation when confronted about Mary.

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