If you want to know why the Globalists insist on Nasal Swabbing you….

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9 thoughts on “If you want to know why the Globalists insist on Nasal Swabbing you….”

  1. I understand the nanoparticles might take years to do serious damage, but I wonder: Has anyone seen any reports of people who’ve been nasal swabbed, having serious permanent damage of any kind?

  2. Since there has been no covid “virus” isolated, all of the “tests” are bogus. That said, while the smaller swabs do not risk puncturing anything near the brain, and will not plant nanos and other harmful entities DIRECTLY in our brain, there is a concern that nanos and chemicals, etc., are on these smaller swabs as well. So, we do well to avoid ALL PCR swab “testing,” and when submitting only out of a true necessity (like requirement to visit an ER), the ONLY truly safe “test” is the saliva “test.” Not sure it will ever be in the hospitals – as our traitor hospitals “follow CDC guidelines” – which of course means that all is geared to harm us.

    Sadly, getting “tested” for a covid “virus” that doesn’t really exist has several obvious purposes: 1) to scare/fool people into thinking that there is a real “virus” or “pandemic”; 2) as a psy-op of compliance [useful now and in the future during additional manufactured fake or actual pandemics]; and 3) as a means of HARMING people in various ways, including via nanos, pathogens, poisons on the swabs that cross the blood-brain barrier (i.e., the long/nasal swabs), or otherwise contaminate us, AND which are also believed to serve as a stealth “vaccination.”

    When covid first burst upon the world, we got an IMMEDIATE and huge red flag WARNING FOR EVERYONE from WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (fellow villain with, and funded by, Gates) in March 2020: “We have a simple message to all countries – test, test, test.”

    This is a very scary ANNOUNCEMENT ALERTING US (for those with eyes to see) THAT THE “TESTS” are a KEY COMPONENT in the global covid DEATH AGENDA currently being deployed against us. The “tests” have been poisoning the world before — and now in tandem with — the Frankenshots.

  3. Fortitudolaeticia, we will not likely hear if there are any catastrophic brain punctures due to the long swab. For one case that is admitted (see link below), they are quick to tell us that the victim had a pre-existing issue. But we can be sure that such injuries are indeed happening and are kept from public knowledge.

    More importantly, however, it seems that one of the main goals of this outrageous, and unprecedented long-swabbed test is that it places the nanos and graphene oxide, etc. in a spot where they can enter the brain. And then with the highly conductive graphene oxide (or other such metallic substances) in the brain, the electronic mind control (whether via 5G or otherwise) will be maximally implemented/executed. It seems that the PCR “tests” are really some sort of stealth “vaccination” that contributes to the overall death agenda. And this is the real goal of the “testing”…


    Here we see graphene oxide discussed in relation to the PCR “tests”:


    1. Thanks. I’ve seen videos that show metallic fibers on the swabs, and some of them even moving, so I assume those are nanobots/particles. But I’d think there’d be many more reports of serious injuries due to these things than reports of vax injuries, since the ‘tests’ were done almost a year before the vax rollout.

      And in the articles you posted I couldn’t find where it said that nanos and/or graphene is on the swab. I don’t doubt it at all, but from glancing at the articles it looks to me as though graphene and nanos are used after the swab’s taken the DNA. Thanks for your patience and I apologize if my carelessness has caused me to misunderstand. 🙏

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