4 thoughts on “Poland passes law to refuse Muslim refugees and build an Eastern Wall”

  1. Fail to comprehend ANY western Democracy allowing this travesty from a group of folks enacting “Religious War” AGAINST anybody NOT adhering to their “false prophet” whom began their religion by massacre of a whole city whom refused to convert. A religion placing a sinful man whom is recorded in their Hadith to have had sex with a 9 yr. old girl he made a wife as equal to Jesus Christ…Of whom he learned about while being an ancient “Camel Trucker” transporting cargo throughout his known world. Imagine he then went to a cave in the desert with a bit of heroin shipped over the Silk Road to etch whatever stories he could remember from the Torah as transferred while on his travels and claiming they were from God.

    Guess THIS is deserved as society of the west is ever more criminally insane based desires of idolatry; being ones own god. West has become complacent in allowing this insurgency bringing danger to a western world of arrogant spoiling from being superpower status mostly REFUSING to even glance in a history book to KNOW the enemy. How many heroic have died to give the modern world its quality of life; only, to provide to those not really knowing God in any way.

    1. The Muslim refugees are merely a Globalist funded invasion of the West for the purposes of destroying Christianity, becuase the Globalists know that the Muslim is innately toxic to Christendom and reacts always in a destructive manner. Also my mixting the two they hope to create a system of endemic toleration which will result in the destruction of Christians and the triumph of Islam.

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