POLAND threatens EU with withdrawal & collapse if it insists it has sovereignty over Poland

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6 thoughts on “POLAND threatens EU with withdrawal & collapse if it insists it has sovereignty over Poland”

  1. King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Jan III Sobieski, the Unvanquished Northern Lion, Pray for us!

  2. Which Country Will Exit European Union Next? (Betting Odds)

    • Italy is the 3/1 favorite to be the next country to exit the European Union.
    • Hard on the heels of Italy is Greece at 6/1.
    • Betting odds slashed to 7/1 on Poland leaving as a Warsaw court challenges the supremacy of European Union law.
    • Hungary again in hot water amid calls to withhold funds, Dutch Prime Minister says “Hungary has no place in the EU anymore.”

  3. Our very own dutch PM Mark Rutte will go to the EU meetings coming thursday & friday. It’s his personal crusade to battle against Poland & try, during dinner time (because it is not on the official agenda) to definitely withdraw the 38-or-some-billion euroos that were promised to Poland. Pure blackmail. This Rutte is nicknamed Pinocchio, not because he is a marionet (which he is, although his act of a master puppet slave is difficult to see thruogh) but because because he’s a very very good lyer. He believes his own lies, is one of our many problems. But then again, we have 2 million people or more ready now, an army of love.. so we will surive him and his fellow elite friends in the end.. as will Poland.

  4. Real Poles don’t care about this money.
    This cash register is the rope on which the globalists want to hang all the nations of Europe. Soon you will hear “non possumus!” from Poland!

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