Why Masses in union with Bergoglio incite the Wrath of God

When you attend Mass in communion with Bergoglio, you are in schism with all the Popes of history

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7 thoughts on “Why Masses in union with Bergoglio incite the Wrath of God”

    1. Sorry about that. Ever since they introduced the double control c to make a valid copy, it has been causing chaos across the web, by leaving the old contents of the clip board in the register.

  1. Thank You God. Thank you the voices for truth and justice still scream for it. The blood of the innocent from the abortion mills scream for it.The unjust wars and all of their victims cry out to God for vengence. The whole world living and dealing with sin cries out to God for truth, grace, pardon, and forgiveness. The answer is there. Believe. Pray. Repent, Confession, Do Penance. And when you fall. Repeat. Also examine whether the love of $$$, which is idolatry, may be one of your mortal sins. This evil leads to many others, including a Judas suicide. I am going to Mass after a while and will pray for all of us in agony, and I include myself, as a suffering member of humanity in a world where Satan laughs. What is important is that he doesnt have the last laugh in our lives. Mary, our Virgin Mother asks for the Rosary to give to God. She is the one who has come to help. Maybe consider a pilgrimage somewhere.

  2. Compounding the attack on chastity was the Pachapapa idolatry: how that failed to raise a ruckus w/ mitres worldwide boggles my understanding.

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