Did Gricigliano force Seminarian of Don Minutella to denounce him in writing?

Summary and Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The denunciation published by a former seminarian of Don Minutella, who is now at Gricigliano contains ridiculous accusations, according to the recipient, Don Alessandro Minutella, Pastor of Don Bosco Parish, Palermo.

Don Minutella is the world famous Catholic priest defender of Pope Benedict XVI’s status as pope, and one of the most ardent critics of Jorge Mario Bergolio’s errors, heresies and apostasy. He holds 2 doctorates in theology, one from the Gregorian here in Rome, and is an acknowledged scholar and writer of many books on theology, history and scripture. He is famous in Italy for his daily FB direct talks, masses, catechesis and rosary. He is known to all as a most devout servant of Christ, the Blessed Virgin and the Catholic Church.

In the video above, Don Minutella reads sections of the letter and comments.

The seminarian — whom I will not name — was with Don Minutella for two years. He participated in the daily prayer life, catechesis, apostolate and publishing activities of Don Minutella’s Marian Center, outside of Palermo, Sicily, known as the Little Nazareth. He even assisted Don Minutella as secretary in writing his recent book on Pope Benedict XVI, says Don Minutella.

Here is my summary of the accusations, recited in the video above, which were contained in the seminarian’s personal letter to Don Minutella:

  1. That Don Minutella does not get along with men, only with women.  — This accusation from a young man who wanted to kiss the hands of Don Minutella frequently, during the traditional liturgy, but who was often reproved in this by Don Minutella since it is not necessary or obligatory.
  2. That Don Minutella promotes the theology of a condemned theologian: Von Balthasar, whom John Paul II nominated as a Cardinal.
  3. That the formation of Don Minutella promotes spiritual tepidity, sterility and aridity. — Though the entire day at the Little Nazareth is filled with prayer, catechesis and joyful company.
  4. That Don Minutella has “romanesque” delusions about Pope Benedict XVI, based on vague ideas which are not drawn from the bi-millenial history of the Church.

Was this seminarian at Gricigliano asked to write this bitter letter of denunciation as a condition as remaining a seminarian?  It is so contrary to what all know him to have been and stood for. And I fear that the superiors of the Institute of Christ the King will soon expel him, having destroyed his personal reputation, and having used him for their game in ecclesial politics. For if there were holy and honest men at Gricigliano as confessors and spiritual directors, they would have never let him write such a letter of calumny and libel.

If you are a benefactor or supporter of the Institute of Christ the King, I would ask you in charity to contact the superiors of that Institute and ask for a public reparation of the reputation of Don Minutella for such a grave violation of honesty and justice by one of their seminarians. Ask also for the names of the priests who counseled him to write such a letter and demand that they be disciplined.

There is something very wrong with any seminary which has the effect, in the first months of formation, to instill not the spirit of St. John the Apostle, but of Judas Iscariot, the traitor.  Every Catholic should take notice and demand an explanation.

I personally find strange the entire happening, since from my own sources I have it that the majority of the priests in the Institute of Christ the King, in private, offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, not Bergoglio. The time has come for all to bear public witness to the truth. Young people should not be used in an internal fight in the Church or in an institute. I remain flabbergasted.

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5 thoughts on “Did Gricigliano force Seminarian of Don Minutella to denounce him in writing?”

  1. What in the world? Poor Don Minutella. I will pray for him since it certainly appears he is being unjustly attacked.

    While reading through the FB comments, I noticed this one:
    “Don I know some priests of Gricigliano and I have talked about the situation and they recognize Bergoglio. They went to Rome to discuss the question of the Mass.”

    Does this mean his betrayer is in the hands of enemies who want to shut up and calumniate Don Minutella because he recognizes and defends the true Pope, Benedict XVI?

    Like you said, Brother… you were given information that some (majority?) priests in the Institute of Christ the King name Benedict in the Canon of the Mass, but there may be an internal war going on in this regard.

    (I also noticed a few comments saying that another person in Don Minutella’s company is pro-Vigano, so that too could be a factor in wanting to cause division — to break away from Pope Benedict and side with Vigano, whom we know many Catholics, especially of the “Trad” variety, are clamoring for him to be Pope.)

  2. Sin ser italiana (y estando de hecho bastante lejos de Italia), me atrevería a decir que no existe sacerdote más “temido” en ese país que Don Minutella: o pretenden ignorarlo o le boicotean sus redes, lo calumnian con toda clase de estupideces, tratan de aislarlo/cercarlo, y ahora, lo más doloroso para él: lo atacan valiéndose de uno de los que eran “suyos”… ¿Casualidad? ¿Por qué a otros clérigos que “denuncian” la apostasía vaticana los dejan en paz? ¿Qué hay en Don Minutella que causa tanto miedo a los enemigos de Dios y de la Iglesia? No se trata sólo de su preparación teológica y su sólida base espiritual, su evangelización que llega a tantos y tantos países, su fidelidad a la Palabra de Dios etc.: se trata de su fidelidad al Papa (al único y verdadero, Benedicto XVI), fidelidad ausente en los cobardes traidores que hoy llevan vestiduras de cardenales y obispos. ¡Ánimo y apoyo total a este sacerdote de Dios! A pesar de que intentan hacerlo ver como un villano o un lunático, o de aislarlo, él no está solo: está respaldado por La Verdad misma (lo que de por sí sería suficiente) y por miles de fieles en el mundo.

    1. Dear dr. Acosta,
      you are not Italian but you are true Catholic and a honest and brilliant woman and you have well understood father Minutella’s suffering because of his loud teaching on pope Benedict XVI and antipope Francis.

      Pax Domini tecum

      Gianluca Varone

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