— DeathBishop Bishop Jackels & Human Composting

Commentary on the above by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, the only new aggregation site in the English speaking Catholic world, has rightfully lambasted with the graphic above the horrendous pastoral letter by Bishop Jackels of Dubuque, Iowa, USA, who approves of human composting as a process respectful of the mortal remains of a Catholic.

Here is his missive on death:

The disgusting logic of this moral monster is beyond all science-fiction. He claims that it is a waste of land to bury the dead! But composting is respectful. He is truly a Satanic and devilishly minded sicko, for Satan glorifies in the destruction of God’s handiwork, the masterpiece of all in creation is human nature.

The Church has always demanded that the body be preserved and respected as much as possible since on the Last Day it shall rise again and meet the Lord Jesus face to face in Judgement.  The gratuitous destruction of that body before or after death is a wilful attack on the Divine Majesty’s handiwork. Something hateful in God’s site.

Finally, to liquify bodies and compost them chemically not only serves the Globalist Order’s desire to exterminate humanity, but removes all memory of the person and would make the veneration of future saints impossible.

If the Church was sane this bishop would be excommunicated and reduced to the state of a laymen for life. His thought is a theological, moral and anthropologic monstrostity right up there with the mass muderers of history.

Dr. Meluzzi: If the ISS says only 3783 of 134,000 really died of Covid, then why do we continue to submit?

In Italy, the Instituto Superior della Sanità, the Italian equivalent of the National Institute of Health, has published that only 3783 really died of Covid-19 out of the claimed 134,000 by the government of Mario Draghi.

Dr. Meluzzi, the speaker in the video above, holds a Ph. D in Psychology, and in this video, in Italian, he rails at the citizenry of Italy, urging them to stop submitting to the Sanitary Dictates for the sake of curing a disease which is the least threatening of all influenzas in the last 100 years. He concludes by saying that the real pandemic is a political madness to control and to submit, which if it does not stop, will make Italians fully deserve to be utterly destroyed by the Satanic Globalist Elites.

Our Lady will hear your honest prayers in a way beyond all imagining!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Yes, Virginia, there is a God. And God has a Mother, the Blessed Virgin, whom Christ gave to each of His disciples, as their own heavenly Mother.

The greatest spiritual consolation is having our honest prayers heard.

Years, ago, when I was a hermit at Noto, in Sicily, the Bishop let me reside at the Sanctuary of Our Lady Stairway to Heaven.  Grateful for this benefaction, and having noticed that the Stations of the Rosary on the road leading to this Sanctuary were not all in good order, I organized a fund raiser to repair one of the most damaged.

Some months later, while admiring the repair one morning, as I returned from Noto, a man stopped by in his car, along the main road, and asked me why I was praying before that Station, when I should be praying before the one opposite.

Then he told me, how, passing this Station many years ago, he received a devastating phone call: his son was just involved in a life threatening car-accident and had been rushed to the hospital.  His wife, hearing this news, had had a heart attack and was being rushed to the hospital, and his father had has a stroke the night before and was in the emergency room.

He collapsed with grief before the First Station, The Annunciation of the Lord, and begged Our Lady to help him.  To his utter amazement, just 24 hours later, he heard the news that his son was not gravely injured, his wife would speedily recover and that his father was to be released from emergency care.

From that day onward, he made a point to stop at this Station every day on the way to work, to amend his life, to return to the practice of the Catholic Faith and to live for God and Our Lady.

I myself want to give glory to God and show gratitude for a tremendous favor from the hands of the Virgin.

Beginning in 2004, whenever I found myself in Italy, on the Feast of St. Alexis, my patron saint, I would make a personal pilgrimage to his Basilica on the Aventine, here at Rome, and after venerating his relics, pause to pray before the Icon of Our Lady, kept there.  You can see an image of this beautiful icon above.

Each year I prayed that Our Lady help me find a hermitage where I could live my religious life as a Franciscan hermit, confident that when the time was in accord with God’s Plans, She would answer me.

This year, when I came to visit the present property where I have opened the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, I was concerned that perhaps the owners would not allow me to rent it, seeing that there was not even one religious image in the building.  As I examined the property, I went into every storage room. And in the upstairs’ closet, I found to my amazement an old holy card, with the image of this Icon on it.  On the back, it said:  Our Lady of Intercession, venerated in the Basilica of St. Alexis, Rome.

Today, I am in this house, and I have enthroned Our Lady under this title as Queen and Lady of the Place. A place beyond all my hopes and dreams, where I can at last live my religious life with greater observance. And just in time for the 25 anniversary of my perpetual vows.

Sweet Mother of God, thank you! Thank you 1000x 1000x!