3 thoughts on “EU Parliamentarians opposed to DeathVaxx Passport hold press conference”

  1. Once ‘The People’ have seen; there is no unseeing. Once awakened there is no more sleeping; not even a nap. Ironic for the East European countries once forced into communism to be those whom so strongly advocate for freedom, choice, ‘The Rule of Law’…Constitutional Republics based in Democracy.
    There is no choice. “The People” will now have to STAND, FIGHT, and there will be more blood and sacrifice of life.

    Hope the Elite Ruling Class with Schwab and the rest of the Masonic Kooks; including the person in the current role of Pope, will be happy. It’s highly doubtful ‘The People’ meekly accept this Globalist NWO Davos Cabal rule making us slaves.

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