The Canonical Right to refuse your Bishop’s demand for the DeathVaxx & DeathSwab

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The apostasy in the Church is now bearing its most malign fruit: the obligation to take the DeathVaxx and DeathSwab.  From the Antipope in Rome to the Dioceses throughout the world which have been taken over by the forces of Darkness and Globalism, for having refused to remain in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, or refused to return to communion with him, now that all the evidence has been published for the world to see, there is emanating the demand that priests, seminarians, deacons, bishops, and religious, and even catechists, employees or anyone who volunteers on Church property, take the DeathVaxx or submit to the DeathSwab.

For those of you who cannot yet see that such a Church is divorced ENTIRELY from Jesus Christ and should NOT be obeyed, the response is simple. Refuse and quit. But for those of you who cannot yet psychologically recognize that your diocese or religious order is in schism from Christ, there is a canonical argument to use, to put that superior of yours who demands such outrages to the test. Because he will either obey canon law, or show himself to be a complete rebel from the laws of God.

And so, here is a solid simple canonical argument for any priest, religious, seminarian etc., to refuse the precept by his superior that he take the DeathVaxx or submit to the DeathSwab.

And it requires you to read and understand only 2 Canons in the Code of Canon Law of 1983, promulgated by John Paul II.

Let’s review them:

Canon 38

Actus administrativus, etiam si agatur de rescripto Motu prorpio dato, effectu caret quatenus ius alteri quesitum laedit aut legi consuetudinive probatae contrarius est, nisi auctoritas competens expresse clausulam derogatoriam addiderit.

Which in English is:

An administrative act, even if it is enacted by a rescript given Motu proprio, lacks effect to the extend that it injures the right (ius) acquired by another or is contrary to a law of proven custom, unless the competent authority has expressly added a derogative clause.

But since, the precept by your superior to receive the DeathVaxx or take the DeathSwab  — which must be in writting, or it does not exist, as per canon 37 — does injure your right, granted in canon 220, it is null and void, for

Canon 220

Nemini licet bonam famam, quae quis gaudet, illegitime laedere, nec ius cuiusque personae ad propriam intimitatem tuendam violare.

Which in English is,

It is not licit for anyone to illegitimately injure the good name of anyone who enjoys such, nor to violate the right of any person to defend his own deepest interiority.

But your health and the biological functioning of your body is a thing which is most interior to you. Therefore, to be ordered to harm it or risk to harm it goes against you right to self defense (granted to you in canon 220).  Therefore such a precept is null and void (in virtue of canon 38).

Moreover, since the right to self defense explicitly mentioned in canon 220 derives from the Natural Law, which has God as its author, NO superior on earth is competent to derogate from it, so as to allow your Bishop or major superior the right to order you to violate it.

Thus, you cannot be obliged because no such order can be given, and if it be given, your superior sins gravely.

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9 thoughts on “The Canonical Right to refuse your Bishop’s demand for the DeathVaxx & DeathSwab”

  1. Brother. I am like many experiencing a vax mandate. Last year hero this year zero. I will be financially devastated. The vax is off the table. The weekly tests are beneath the dignity of children of God…an obvious tyrannical overreach…and who knows what is on that swab. Have you any encouragement for me. I’m having a hard time with it all. I’ve prayed to know Gods will.
    Thank you.

    1. I suggest helping elderly who live by themselves who need help. Say nothing to no one. Say you are friends. Take pay in cash, report nothing to the dictatorship.

  2. I have considered the swab…which nobody really talks about. Yet in my heart and with conviction I feel it’s wrong and an evil demand.

  3. The psychology is identical to the relentness media propaganda we all got back in the 70s to push the ” PILL”. Thank God, it was never mandated. That pill was swallowed by innumerable women. Suddenly, breast cancer, strokes, went off the chart bc the pill was hoisted onto the American conscience by the media.without proper vetting . Profits over people. They dont care. Stand your ground.Pray.DoPenance.

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