Satanic Statecraft? — Political Dissidents infected during anti-Draghi protests

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Once may be an anomaly, but twice warns of a pattern.

It is known that ruthless world leaders, such as Putin, go so far as to have their political critics poisoned with radioactive materials, sprinkled or injected unwillingly into them. The cases are so rare, that they can only be tied to Putin via inferences from the fact that the isotope used is produced in only Russian Nuclear Power or Research facilities and that the victims are his critics.

But now, I ask if Mario Draghi has decided in recent weeks to engage in the same satanic statecraft by deliberately infecting his political opponents. It is a question, not an accusation. But here is the evidence which moves it:

First, the published report above, which says that one of the leaders of the Longshorement strike at Trieste, Italy, has come down with Covid-19 after having been deliberated sprayed in the face with a water canon at the request of the Draghi government.  It is a known fact that infection via the eyes is one of the quickest routes to contract a disease. And Draghi’s government certainly has access to infectious samples, especially since Pfizer has recently opened 2 new plants in Italy for their monstrous medical experimentation. Two other political activists are also sick. Both were also canon-sprayed in the face.

Second, I just learned that a good friend of mine, who has interviewed me on YouTube several times: Decimo Toro, aka, Marco Cosimo, has been in intensive care 12 days. He contracted something after his son attended an anti-GreenPass rally at the end of September, after an unknown person joined the protest and spoke with him, all the while admitting that he had a fever. The infection spread rapidly to all his interlocutors, and from Marco’s son to himself. Marco has been intubated, and the Doctors claim he has Covid-19.

Two cases, perhaps coincidental. Both ardent critics of Mario Draghi government’s policies.

It would be devilish to infect your political opponents who oppose your Dictatorship which is advanced on the claims of there being a plague out there somewhere. But if Draghi has resorted to such infamy, it would beckon the question whether all those who died of Covid-19 were intentionally infected by Globalist actors from the start.

Who knows the causes of the recent infections.

But is it Satanic statecraft? I leave that for you to decide.



Fr. Lanzetta blames Benedict XVI for undermining “Francis”, promoting non-Vaxxers

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I cannot remain silent at the outrage committed in this article at Rorate Caeli, by Father Lanzetta, since he is, like myself, a former member of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

His comment in passing on Pope Benedict XVI is the consummate expression of psychosis in which those who have replaced truth and reality upon the altar of their hearts with political correctness and wanting to please your superiors, at all costs.

Here is the comment, which Father Lanzetta gives:

There has been significant spiritual unpreparedness to face a situation that is certainly new, but no more disastrous than past epidemics that have claimed victims upon victims (think of the Spanish fever that from 1918 to 1920 caused tens of millions of deaths), of which the Church has always been a witness through her great humanity and her vigilant presence in those moments. A great uncertainty, instead, has characterised our days. The spiritual response to the disaster was either lacking or was very mild, very human. This uncertainty basically has two causes, a remote one of an ecclesial nature and a proximate one of a scientific nature:

The remote one developed in 2013 with the resignation of Benedict XVI, hailed as the last attempt of the katechon (cf. 2 Ts 2:6-7) to hinder evil and the manifestation of the antichrist, if not his very destruction.A completely unusual new scenario opened up with the presence of two popes in the Church, one emeritus and the other reigning. This has caused widespread mistrust about leadership in the Catholic Church, which in fact is lacking, combined with the strong suspicion that Pope Francis is not the true pope due to the invalidity of Pope Ratzinger’s resignation, although the latter has repeatedly reiterated that his resignation was voluntary. All this would go on to produce, on the one hand, even conspiracy theory-based positions that see the alliance between the vaccine and the pontificate of Francis as a way to make the human race disappear, having already somehow decreed the disappearance of the Church; on the other, an abrupt ‘no’ to everything that has been produced by the Vatican under the pontificate of Francis, even to the little that has reiterated moral principles, such as the Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines (21 December 2020).

It is entirely shameful and totally illogical to blame Pope Benedict XVI for any of this. Rational and sane persons, inside and outside of the Church, cite Benedict for having sown doubt in Bergoglio, but no one has been a greater cause of doubting Bergoglio than Bergoglio himself. He needs no help in that!

Moreover, those who accept Pope Benedict XVI are the ones who are refusing the DeathVaxx.  He is literally the cause of the salvation of souls and bodies to all who return or remain in communion with him.

In what he has written, Lanzetta has uttered the consummate blasphemy, for he has blamed Christ’s Vicar for being the cause of truth and virtue.  Only a Satanist would think like this. This is outrageous and shameful in the most vile manner.

So to Father Lanzetta, I ask: “You were once consecrated to the Immaculate. So tell me when did you sell your soul to Satan? “

“Traditionalists” to march into desecrated St. Peter’s with masks, abandoned by Archbishop Cordeleone

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

True Catholics know that it is a sacrilege to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a place where idols of demons have been worshipped. A Church in which this was done must first be solemnly exorcised and reconsecrated.

True Catholics also know that wearing the mask in Church is a blasphemy against the living God, who gave us a immune system to guard us well against any virus which is survivable by 99.9% of the population.

But “Traditionalists” will violate these two truths by marching into Saint Peter’s Basilica, desecrated on Oct. 4, 2019 by the adoration of the demon idol of Pachamama, with masks, to comply with the Anti-Pope’s government.

Then, they will offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass blaspheming God to His face by offering it in union with the man who closed all the Churches in the world in the Catholic Church and forbade the faithful to celebrate the Resurrection of His Son on Easter, in 2020, the first time such a crime ever was committed in the 2000 year history of Christianity.

I know that none of this comes from the Traditional Catholic Faith. But I do recognize that it comes from the traditional Satanic dissent against the truth, when Lucifer said, “I will not obey”.

I pray that Archbishop Cordelone cut out for the right reason, and not simply because the satanist in the Vatican despises Latin.