Cavizel: May you join St. Michael and all the Angels in fighting Lucifer!

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6 thoughts on “Cavizel: May you join St. Michael and all the Angels in fighting Lucifer!”

  1. All very well but as a Catholic, we pray every day for St Michael and the heavenly army to come down and save us from evil satanic diabolic demons terrorising earth’s humanity, but St Michael seems strangely absent? Hmm…..

    1. Strangely absent? He is not absent, you are just oblivious to his action and presence. As St. John of Arc said, he can frequently be found to be walking amid Catholics.

    2. Nell, your statement is exactly what the devil hopes people will make. Doubt needs to be conquered. We need to believe in God and planting doubts in people is the first step to dividing us.

      Our Lady’s message is to all to return to God as the primary object of our lives. You are here in this site and are in the right path, but you need to pray for The Holy Spirit to illuminate your mind and tell you what you need to do. Praying the Rosary is the main weapon, but it is not enough. If each of us could convince one person to put God ahead of everything else, our numbers would grow by two and pretty soon we will be on the path to victory for Jesus.

      In most forums I still hear people complaining, but no one offers any solutions that have God as the primary objective (except for Brother Alexis, AJ and a few others.)

      In most secular websites the solutions presented are for government or politicians to do this or do that, but no one really talks about the elephant in the room. The reason for all this decadent behavior is that man is trying to find solutions in other men and not in God. Until that changes, the status quo will continue and the devil will appear to continue wining the battle against Jesus Christ.

      So a daily rosary by those that believe in Jesus is the first step. Getting others to join in praying the rosary is the second step. And the third step is to start talking to other about returning to Jesus Christ’s teaching and not be ashamed of do it.

      You are here, so that is good. If you have doubts, pray to the Holy Spirit to help you figure out exactly what you as an individual can do, but you have to trust God when you ask. The answer will come to you when you really have faith in that prayer is answered by God giving you what you really need in you asking.

      God bless you and your family.

  2. Soul stirring ! .
    Praise God for those Patriots who plead for the great moral evils of our time to be resisted.

  3. He gave this speech at a QAnon convention in Las Vegas. If he’s aligning himself with that movement, Catholics better beware.

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