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  1. We still hear a lot of contradictory information from all over. This is undeniable that some people already died from the vaccines, that the media don’t cover those facts, but that the vaccinated who died from the vaccines are a minority compared to the big majority of the vaccinated who still look fine and

    1. Vincent, you need to think. One does not judge risk by present appearances, but by menacing causes which are active even if remote. If an army is invading your country, the relative peace of your town is not the kind of evidence to cite to determine whether there is war about to come upon you, no, rather, you use information gathered from where the invasion took place, the strength of fores entering and their direction of moement. For the DeathVaxxed, they have already been invaded by multiple ingredients which are all lethal in the short or long run. And that is the real evidence upon which to base a risk assessment of their longevity.

      1. Thank you Brother for your reply. Your comparison about the army at the doors of a city ready to invade you is a good comparison. I don’t want to be in delusion. I try to think. But so many times in my past I believed the future would be like I thought and it has almost never been (God does not reveal his plans until ‘this is now’). The majority of the vaccinated are still alive and they feel fine… Maybe their immune system is stronger against those vaccines than we know. In pandemics, there are always some people who don’t get sick and we don’t know why. In the Marseille plague in 1720-1721, there were some people who were surrounded by extremely contagious people and, even if they were around them, kept being in good health. We don’t know yet how the body of the vaccinated will react to those vaccines. If the experiments of those vaccines in the laboratories ended up in the death of all the vaccinated animals, then, yes, most of the humans who took the jabs will end up dying too, most likely. I was in the La Salette sanctuary on September 19th 2021 in order to get spiritually and mentally strong if such an apocalypse happened. Let’s hope God will give us strength to bear such diffculties if they ever happen. God bless you and take care.

      2. During plagues the reason why some never succumb may be because they were initially exposed to minute amounts of the pathogen so that their immune system was able to fight it and learn to defend and make antibodies. Whereas others got an initial massive exposure and succumbed. That is why they want everyone to be terrified and masked, so that you will get infected only by a massive exposure and have a weakened immune system. Also this is why they are giving a DeathVaxx which destroys your immune system for ever. They have at least a dozen strategies to kill you, just on the biological level.

      3. My cousins have been double vaxxed in Ireland aged 25 and 13 and my neighbours 13 year old …its beyond frightening They are..the parents..totally bought in by RTE the virus 🙄

        The tide has turned against us uunvaxxed now propagated by media and sadist Irish Government

    2. My friend is an MD–he says the Hospital Admins are ordering Vx ClotDeaths, ADE, etc. to be stated as “unrelated” to the Vx — we now know the death rates in Vxd countries are “unaccountabley” way higher than they should be now and it is NOT from CVirus.

      Millions dying more than should be. So what we have is public Health Officials, Hospitals, and complicit MDs all NOT relating deaths caused by the Vx to the Vx — which is obviously killing these people who make up these “excess” deaths now.

      The CDC has gone so far also to define deaths/illness after one injection and those within2 weeks of the 2nd injection as “unvaccinated”. So you see now how this works?

      If those put in charge deem the Vx did not kill someone magically that becomes “reality”. They planned all of this for many years, had/have all the money in the world to finance it, and have their NWO lackeys in all key positions to pull it off and the Mainslime Globalist Media is in on it.

    3. A large percentage of the jabs are placebos. Those receiving the placebos may not get ill until the 3rd and 4th boosters when they get the real deal.

      1. Also there is not guarantee that the ingredients of all vaccines by the same manufacturer are the same.

  2. What I find the most contradictory starts from the beginning of there being no virus isolated, no proof that the virus causing a pandemic exists. Then there is the test which the inventor made it clear it’s not a diagnostic test. So we have no proof of a virus and a test not fit for purpose but a tool to fake it. Then we have various treatments for a virus that doesn’t appear to exist. Ivermectin etc. pharmaceutical industry products.

    Then we have death jabs for the virus that doesn’t exist. For a scamdemic. And people volunteer to be a human experiment, self sacrifice cult. From what we are hearing suicide in slow motion.

    But back to the beginning there are very mixed messages with one lot talking as if there really is a virus that has been produced for all to see. And then referring to numbers of cases from the test that doesn’t indicate anything of importance.

    To me anyone talking that way is enabling the script of those ushering in this whole bullshit scenario.

    1. That sums it up perfectly.
      Btw, I have a relative who, believing she had “C” took Ivermectin on two occasions. Did nothing for her. How can it eliminate a virus that hasn’t been proven to exist? Maybe it de-worms a lot of people & they feel better afterwards?

  3. Hello, Bro. Alexis! I’d just like to know what movie that clip, with John Cusack in it, was from? It doesn’t appear to be a recent film, is it? Many thanks!

    1. It’s from the series “Utopia” (2020)
      The original version from the UK in 2013(?) is much better.
      Never before have i seen such blatant and overt “prededictive programming”. It’s truly a shocking series.

  4. Father,
    Thank you. If you have time to answer my question, I would appreciate your feedback. Why are so very many people, agencies and doctors pushing this vaccine as hard as they are. I am talking about the average person, not the evil ones that have designed this all. Even my local doctors that all seem to be genuine and kind are pushing for it. Not everyone can be in on this plan. Is it that they are brainwashed into thinking the vaccine is safe? Thank you and God Bless.

  5. If anyone viewing this knows what movie that excerpt came from, please supply that info. Maybe some folks would be shocked into reality by watching that particular film, especially as the truth becomes ever more apparent in their real lives. It certainly couldn’t be more relevant.

  6. The clip featuring John Cusack is from the 8th and final episode of the TV Series entitled UTOPIA which aired on HBO in 2020. The title of the specific episode is ‘Stay Alive, Jessica Hyde.’

  7. My brother who is an MD is very upset half of his family(us) are not taking the vaccine. He is taking it personal and saying we don’t trust him, that somehow, we think he’s plotting our destruction and therefore hurt. We just think he’s mistaken and I am exasperated why he would think otherwise. But I wonder. Not too long ago, this site posted a video possibly hinting the vaccines may be consecrated to Satan. Could the vaccines somehow dim reason and block grace if indeed there is a “negative” vibe to the vaccines, which is the reason why so many “good” people seem so adamant as to the efficacy of this so-called vaccine?

    1. It could be, but it is probably more his personal pride which is wounded because he realizes deep down that he was an idiot to take the vaxxine. By withstanding him, you are giving an witness which challenges his conscience.

  8. Brother Bugnolo, I bet an old school exorcist — one who uses the prayers from pre-Vatican II era — would be very interesting to know his take on the vax, etc. For example, can a vaxxed person benefit from an exorcism?

    1. I do consider it highly likely that the DeathVaxx contains a substance consecrated to Satan.

  9. Dear BR. BUGNOLO,
    So grateful to hear your voice again.
    We need to hear more from you.
    You are a light in this dark world.
    Makes me so happy to see you on this panel.
    Your wisdom is refreshing in a world of zombies.
    Much love from a lake in Michigan,

    1. Agreed, love you Br. B (philia, not eros:) always good to hear from you, miss the daily prayers.

  10. Scary fact from my motherland. I found two people in the street who told about their neighbor who die after getting the jabb that was classified as a victim of comorbid, even they were healthy person that live normal before they got the jabb.

    National health data board watchdog said it was about 19.000 death across the country after vaxx program implemented on the middle of this year.

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