Anti-Pope gives anti-Cardinal dictatorial powers over ancient Order of Malta

Death Sentence in new plenipotentiary powers to alter everything

We are about to see the Order of Malta become of the Order of Beelzebub

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Pope gives anti-Cardinal dictatorial powers over ancient Order of Malta”

  1. On the road to perdition and taking all GOOD with him that’s possible. Definitely sabotaging the Church of Jesus Christ…Never, dreamed this was possible even knowing Dante’.
    Wants to destroy faith of the laity to make subservient to the Globalist NWO Davos Cabal…Masons…Whatever demonic agents they can be defined as. Can destroy the church…Will NEVER give up Jesus Christ.

  2. Some might be tempted to draw a parallel to the ’80s when JP2 intervened in the running of the Jesuits. (Long-lasting fruit THAT bore, eh?)
    However, we cannot believe that orthodoxy/orthopraxy would be a motive for Bergog, so am tempted to see in this a set-up for a money-grab of some kind, rather than a Vaax-mandate to a military order w/ international membership.
    Time will tell.

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