Brother Nathanael: The Last Jab


Br. Nathanael is an Orthodox Monk, a convert from Judaism. He does not hide the fact that there are many Jews working lock step with the Globalist plan of world destruction. This may be upsetting truth to some, but we cannot deny the reality before our eyes. And certainly no honest critic could accuse Brother Nathanael of being antisemitic (a narrative attack invented by the Rothschilds) since by blood he is Jewish.

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17 thoughts on “Brother Nathanael: The Last Jab”

  1. So Vital…
    Congress and Congressional Staff NOT mandated.
    Post Office NOT mandated.
    Vaxx Insanity…Not going to do it.

  2. Our Lady is also a big supporter of Russia, and God too, who has willed her conversion to the Catholic Faith from all eternity and Who will soon work this miracle of grace.

    1. There is a big difference between supporting Russia and supporting the Kremlin.

      Everyone must remember that Russia is still red.
      Vladimir Putin reinstated the Soviet-era red star as the Russian military’s official emblem–in the latest reincarnation of Communist symbols that has sparked fears of a return to the repressive past… On Putin’s initiative, the Russian parliament earlier resurrected the music of the old Soviet anthem, albeit with a new words, and brought back the Soviet-era red banner as the military’s flag.
      The brave Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian writer who has been called the “Conscience of the 20th Century,” served eight long years in the Soviet Gulag prison system. Today, he is hated by top-level Jews in America and around the world because he exposed the Jewish leadership of the genocide of 66 million Communist Gulag victims. Many victims were Christians.

    2. @Norman

      This line is quite funny: “the latest reincarnation of Communist symbols that has sparked fears of a return to the repressive past” The uninformed reader might get the impression that this was a recent move — and not something that actually occurred back in 2002.

      For those who are unfamiliar with the Russian language, the colour red has very positive connotations because the word “red” in Russian (krasny) has the same root as the word “beautiful” (krasivy), and the meanings of these two words are indeed very close.

      In spite of the wall-to-wall propaganda and generally anti-Russian (“Putin”) sentiment we receive, I have a great affection for Russia and the Russian people — and so should we all.

  3. I know brother Nathaniel and he is as American Capitalist as you can get, maybe too conservative American and not enough orthodox Christian , Maybe!

  4. I’ve been listening to Brother Nathanael Kapner for years and he tells it like it is. He doesn’t “pull punches” and he always “names names” to prove his point.

  5. No, Timothy, there is no closed window on Russia. Our Lady told us at Fatima that from all eternity God has willed Her conversion, therefore it shall be regardless of what men do. We only have the ability to hasten the day, not forstall it forever.

  6. The Orthodox Church in Russia Paid huge price for its faith under the Bolsheviks. Some 350,000 Russian orthodox priests were murdered for their belief in the incarnation of God , The essence of apostolic orthodox Christianity Theosis is the goal of every orthodox Christian

  7. Yes, Alexandra S. Is considered very highly inthe Orthodox Church! And yes it was the Zionist “ non-faithful Jews” Who started the Russian revolution. You realize that the last czar and his entire family are saints in the Orthodox Church , not because they were beyond reproach in life , after all he was a politician , but he protected orthodox Christianity with his very life in the life of his family against the Jewish Satanist s.

  8. Vladimir Putin has been baptized into orthodox Christianity I have seen him make the cross before the Mother of God. What does this mean, maybe nothing maybe a photo op for him, and if so which certainly Seal his fate in the next life. But perhaps he is a reformed, repented former KGB operative ? One of our orthodox saints in Greece, was a clairvoyant, and reposed in the Lord circa 1991, Saw Putin as an advocate of Christianity during coming third world war . Back in 1989 or 1990 who would’ve thought Putin would still be alive, let alone still in political power as the president of Russia forever ? Our Greek Orthodox Saints are truly Prophetic. This modern Saint also said allopathic medicine will be infiltrated by Satan and he will use a poisonous inoculation (they all are) to usher in the antichrist into the world ! Muse over that !

    1. I love Putin, I think that cause of the Western media demonizing him for years, most fall for the lies. Putin, has been a strong supporter for the Orthodox faith and helped fund/build churches in his country. He also doesn’t bow down to the left and their perverted Woke garbage, so yes they hate him and want to destroy his traditional/Nationalism /love of country. The left/globalists hate this for he isn’t bow down to them.

  9. Orthodox Christianity practiced at its highest level ( which it really is ) is devoid of BS politics, pure faith in the incarnation of God . What the government government does ultimately Ill relevant As a Russian orthodox theologian told me so many years ago , “ religion is a neurobiologic disease , apostolic orthodox Christianity is the cure. Orthodox Christianity is a Living faith in the incarnation of God, not a religion

  10. We are in the beginning of the end times! The globalists are trying their hardest to kill as many as possible in this world for their Masters to usher in a New World Order. The Evil One is ultimately the progenitor of this Great Reset and will make sure his Jewish Antichrist comes to power through The Denigration Of world governments via fake. Disease, poisonous Vaccines, economic destruction, fake man made climate change, etc. in essence, FEAR-False Evidence that Appears Real

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