There is no sense of the sacred left in the Church of Bergoglio

Commentary by Br. Bugnolo

This is not the way to do it.

A priest should recognize that the Sanctuary is first of all a sacred place. If it is intruded upon during the Sacred Liturgy, then the Catholic Religion requires first of all a Christian response. You do not say, as this priest said, “You are trespassing”. You say, “My son, why do you come forward? I promise to speak with you, but now is not the time…” And such things.

You do not call upon the faithful to physically subdue a man who is not physically violent, or you are apt to spark a brawl as this priest did.

Now, I do commend the parish faithful, who are so numerous and courageous that not only did one or two, but seemingly every man in the congregation got up and responded to the priest’s request.  That is praiseworthy. Every parish should have so many men at Mass and such men as respond to the call of duty.

But obviously, these men had no training how to do it properly and instead of ushering and urging used physical violence. But perhaps that is because they did not have the rhetorical preparation to convince this man to depart: a talent which the priest is obliged to have.

After all things are considered, the priest comes out looking like a cruel tyrant who orders his own faithful attacked in Church. The man subdued seems to have only been confused and upset about something.

A sense of the sacred is something essential to the Catholic Faith. When it is absent the local Church cannot testify to the truth of the Catholic Faith.  In the Novus Ordo that has been utterly lost.

Finally, one cannot deny that the dictatorial, absurd, cruel and rude behavior of Bergoglio is reflected in the above travesty.  This is not the Church of Jesus Christ, the good Shepherd, Who gave His life for His sheep and praised those who do not break a bruised reed.  If the man had been violent, what the men of the parish did would have been proportionate and due. But neither can they be faulted since they were asked to it by the priest.


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9 thoughts on “There is no sense of the sacred left in the Church of Bergoglio”

  1. It looks like a very liberal parish. Notice the art in bad taste to the right and left of the crucifix. Notice the altar boys and girls masked up in their gender neutral robes. Notice all the “men” wearing masks. The priest distracts everyone from the Eucharist.

  2. Watching the video again, I have noticed that the only one not wearing the Bergoglian obedience mask is the man who supposedly is “trespassing.” It seems the priest accuses him of trespassing for not wearing a mask, the man has righteous anger, and then he is attacked by a bunch of obedient, masked thugs.

    1. Joel you are correct. I am so habituated by watching others wear the mask that I did not notice that the “intruder” alone is not wearing a mask. Perhaps that is the real cause of the dissension.

  3. It appears that the man had a personal beef with the priest on our right as viewers and that the priest recognised him.

    It does beg the question – what soured their relationship?

    When the priest first called the man out, he was apparently only kneeling with hands clasped behind the now non-existent altar rail.

    The other priest seemed rather bewildered at the whole situation.

    Pre Vatican II, permanent altars were usually stone or marble, rather than wood. I believe they were usually fixed to the floor, or at least heavy and solid enough that they could not be so easily upset. This one seems particularly small and flimsy. I guess that it does not have an altar stone or Saint’s relic(s).

  4. The “gates of hell” are prevailing in the anti-church of Bergoglio.

    “Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.” (Ap 18:4)

  5. I’ve watched various sources of the video. The man was called out for not wearing a mask. He was merely kneeling down praying when the priest shouted at him. He also seems to be complaining about paganism in the church after being called out by the “priest”.
    Not the same church, but watch this video to see what he is probably referring to if you’re not familiar with what’s going on in novus ordo “churches” these days.

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