Glorious St. Jude, intercede for the Church now in Her darkest hour!
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7 thoughts on “Glorious St. Jude, intercede for the Church now in Her darkest hour!”

  1. Deo Gratias ! My favourite Saint. St Jude intercede for us and Our Beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict 🙏

  2. I thank St Jude for taking into his hands my entreaties. I have placed my grandson under his watchful care.

  3. Thank you for posting this Brother B. I just finished a Novena to St Jude for a reconciliation of estranged family members.

    I would also like to publicly thank St Jude for answering my prayers when I was in danger of losing my home to foreclosure. He was able to authorize a military charitable organization in Washington DC to approve a previously declined application for an emergency loan. The local rep told me that my case was the first case that had been approved after being denied locally. He had never seen it happen before. Needless to say, I have been devoted to him for this great favor. Thank you St Jude for intercepting for me. And I thank the priest who gave me the prayer and told me to appeal to him!

  4. When Jesus was tired of my selfishness, St Jude came and placed his medallion over my heart and saved my life. Thank you St Jude.

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