Is the Biologic Sewage in the DeathVaxx designed to make you a new species?

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6 thoughts on “Is the Biologic Sewage in the DeathVaxx designed to make you a new species?”

  1. Unbelievable I just hope and pray God intervenes before all this happens. It has to be very very soon when you consider many are already vaxed at least once and it takes 9 months for a baby to be born.
    Humans can’t be giving births to a wide variety of trans humans what will happen to them and the whole of humanity?

  2. As one of my dear friends list to the Astra Zeneca vaccine said before he died…….

    Real shit creates real niggas,
    real niggas be straight chillin,
    straight chillin creates bitch niggas ,
    and bitch niggas start some real shit

  3. There was a time in my life I was devastated I was unable to have children. G-d has blessed me in that respect because I can’t imagine knowing what I know and living a sane life amidst this evil.

    I’ve stopped warning people in my life.
    I begged and pleaded with people last year.
    Most ignored me and instead looked for salvation in Bill Gates and Fauci’s needles instead of G-d.

    The majority of my family got the clotshot.
    I did save my grandparents, but that’s about it.
    I’m now waiting for my GMO human hybrid family members to rush out and inject their little children so that they can “play sports” and then they can post how proud they are on social media. Amazes me how some of the most successful people I know in the material world are the most braindead. It’s something to witness.

    I’ve noticed that most people in my family who ran out to get the clotshot are on Face-9book. I suspect Facebook has some very advanced mind control technologies. Facebook coupled with their mobile phones have captured their mind and spirit.

    I have noticed aggression from my sister I hadn’t really seen before. My sister and her husband got their shots to travel. Both have worldly success but are clueless about things like Agenda 2030. They got shots to travel, and have no idea the evil ones will be stopping all travel.

  4. Even though I warned them for nearly 18 months, my 4 children got the deathvaxx and nearly every relative.

    Now my daughter won’t listen when I tell her it would be child abuse to inject my 4 grandchildren. It’s even more tragic since she claims to be a “Catholic.” But obviously, no real Catholic would ever deathvaxx children.

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