10 thoughts on “What will happen to the DeathVaxxed when the Flu season starts?”

      1. Buongiorno
        Mi scusi i video sono solo in inglese. Lei potrebbe per cortesia dirmi se c’è la possibilità di tradurli automaticamente in italiano? Grazie

      2. FromRome.info pubblica i video nella loro lingua originale. Qualche volte anche in Italiano, quando l’argomento vale al livello internazionale. Ma poiche poiche dei nostri lettori comprendono l’italiano.

  1. We all have loved ones who took it. My heart breaks at my loved ones, if this turns out to be the case, as well as for anyone who just believed as we always could, what our doctors and yes, government leaders told us was trustworthy. That is how those of us of a certain age historically felt, that we were generally given information based on facts devoid of politics or agendas. Now it is the polar opposite, but nobody knew that when this started. Even now, the media suppresses facts, so how are people to know. People are now conditioned to view everything skeptical as conspiracy theory or right-wing nuts.
    God help us all in this great deception, and please Lord, not the children.

  2. It’s possible that it is an experiment of the American Nazi party. Secret of course. If major Universities are doing govt funded sex change operations since the 70s at taxpayer funded USGovt Grant’s, do you think they would stop with that ?? The secret devils are everywhere. And they want us to buckle without a whimper. And if we get tired of no results after a while and the media ceases to cover we are burnt meat.

  3. The Agenda 2 zero 3 zero needs a great reduction in population. Just how do you think this will happen? A clue: certain forced shots.

  4. You’re right.
    Been noticing more and more reports of super cold and flu symptoms in UK and a few in the US as winter season starts. Like this one:

    The MSM continues their narrative and lies about the causes saying it’s because our immune systems aren’t used to colds and flu anymore after the past 18 months of lockdowns and restrictions. Yeah riiiight! Not everyone gets colds and flu every 12-18 months. Liars.
    It’s of course got nothing to do with weakened immune systems caused by the deathvax!

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