What’s really in the Covid-19 “Vaccines”?

This conference shows that Obama passed a law which enables the government to genocide you if they think it is in the best interest of the public. It also allows you to be vaxxed without your consent. The conference at the end shows that the Moderna Patent expressly indicates as highest priority targets to be killed are Christians.

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6 thoughts on “What’s really in the Covid-19 “Vaccines”?”

    1. The video plays, but there is a lot of internet interference every since the G20 meeting began this week.

  1. Mayo clinic is very much involved in this genocide! They actually did a press conference in the beginning with Amy Klobachar saying that these were safe and effective, and when I called them out on Facebook for misinformation, because they don’t know the long term effects, I was banned. This was within the first 2 weeks that they released the injections. I recently lost my mother because she was afraid, she wanted a normal life again without putting anyone at risk, and listened to main stream media instead of me. On a side note, Dr. Scott Jensen, former Senator from Minnesota, and now running for Governor of Minnesota, is on his 5th medical license scrutiny, and one of the reasons out of the half dozen mentioned is because he is “falsely promoting natural immunity”, needless to say, it was shocking! You can see his video on youtube. I recommend reaching out to him, they go after his license frequently, and whoever is reporting is doing so just to weaponize the medical board and silence doctors!

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