9 thoughts on “The Great Reset: A Review of their Satanic Plan to enslave and genocide humanity”

  1. Looks like their evil blueprint is going right on schedule too. Hospitals full of fully vaxxx people dying Of poisoning This will collapse The “Death Care “ system , create social chaos And usher in Martial Law and Digitized tattoos (666)

  2. I went on a thorough search through the book mentioned in the video, there is much good information in the book but nothing about operation lockstep.

  3. A simple spiritual suggestion for any seeking to augment their defenses against these enemies of Christ the King: extend your Rosary by a decade to honor the Immaculate Conception. In the USA, this harkens back to the 1846 consecration of the country by the bishops some eight years prior to the doctrine’s definition. In our tiny community, we extend this extra decade to a “douzaine” (French for “dozen”) so to honor each of the twelve stars in our Lady’s crown (Apoc 12:1). Each Ave is preceded by a verse or short passage, six from OT, six from NT, which anticipate or address this foundation privilege belonging uniquely to the New Eve.

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