5 thoughts on “IRELAND: Hospitalizations surge to March levels, 91% are DeathVaxxed”

  1. But my family there call me an anti-vaxxer and will probably not admit to the true situation. So sad. Most Irish are gullible today. Swallow anything.

    1. When you consider all the poisons they put inside a vaccine, being an anti vaxxer is not a derrogatory term. They may think they are offending us but it’s the least offensive terminologies, along with their conspiracy theory labels.

      1. Hear, hear.

        They think that anti vax means anti science.

        Little do they know that most “science” behind vaxes in general is at best highly questionable, if not the complete inversion of real science that the CV19 vax “science” is.

        I was viscerally condemned as an anti vaxxer before I recall there was any talk of CV19 vaxes, when I tried to find out on a purportedly Catholic forum on a once popular “social media” platform whether the flu and pneumonia vaxes I was being offered were developed or tested with human fetal cells.

        At that time I had no idea how poor the evidence is for net positive health benefit of most of the vaxes that have been pushed aggressively since about 1987/8, when pharmaceutical companies were granted full immunity from liability and prosecution for adverse events caused by vaxes in children.

    2. Pensa a noi qui in Italia come stiamo.vogliono impedire alle persone di lavorare oltre a qualsiasi cosa normale nel tempo libero. per fortuna, piano piano buon numero di gente sta cominciando a capire che un grande disegno è stato organizzato prima di questa follia. stiamo attraversando un periodo non reale, è una prova, un esperimento.chi non lo capisce ha un serio problema.questa volta non finirà senza che le persone non reagiscano.una dura sfida.un abbraccio

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