13 thoughts on “The Last War has begun, It’s Armageddon: And you need to know how to fight!”

  1. We have to make the enemies of Christ pay for every inch they take away from Christendom. Think Malta or Lepanto or the Christero’s!

  2. hahaha loved the closing line “the other side is promised to be eternally vaccinated”

  3. Excellent observation Brother B. There is a US Nationwide Strike being called for from Nov 8-11 to protest the mandates. It’s for all who work in Healthcare, education, telecom, supply chain, or transport industry, government or in any sector.

    The platform bills itself “as a texting solutions for conservatives by conservatives” – a system for those who are closed off from their audience to keep in touch.

    URL: raindroptext.com/freedom

      1. No I said, Christians. But before this, I thought to call them anti-vaxxers or anti-green-passporters…

    1. You are correct. How that happened, I do not know. And perhaps you will be the first to see the new video, which is however dated.

      1. All good. Love your content. Thanks for everything you do. I’m here in Vancouver, trying to help people realize there is nothing to fear, solutions already exist (i.e. early treatments) to handle the poisoning of the cells (if you need it), and trying to help them believe in the power of their bodies again.

        Love over fear.

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