Traditional what? Sacrileges, Satanists, or Modernists?
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6 thoughts on “Traditional what? Sacrileges, Satanists, or Modernists?”

  1. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Ugh. Astounding. Maybe just me, but I’m starting to think of many of these people less as Traditionalist Catholics and more as museum curators…or worse, costumed Disneyland theme park hosts.

  2. FOR ALL THOSE WHO FOLLOW ANTIPOPE jorge bergoglio and have separated themselves from the ONE and ONLY TRUE
    vicar of JESUS CHRIST on earth who is Pope Benedict XVI,
    REPENTANCE and CONVERSION will profit unto GOD’S MERCY for the salvation of our souls.

    The Prophecies and Revelations of
    Saint Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden

    This man was an abbot of the Cistercian order. He buried an excommunicated person. When he had read the last funeral prayer over him, Saint Bridget heard in ecstasy of spirit the following words of our Lord: “This man did as he should not have done and buried an excommunicated man. But now you should know and be sure that he is the one that is going to be buried first after the departed. For he sinned against the Father, who told us to never show respect to persons against justice or to honor the rich unjustly. But he honored the unworthy for a small perishable thing and laid him among the worthy, as he should not have done. He also sinned against the Holy Spirit, who is the communion and fellowship of the righteous, when he buried an unrighteous man with the good and righteous. He also sinned against me, the Son, for I have said: “The one who rejects me shall be rejected.” But this man honored and exalted the one whom my church and my Vicar had rejected.” When the abbot heard these words, he was stricken with remorse and repented from his sins and then died on the fourth day.

    1. Joan of Arc was excommunicated…
      He who said “who is not for me is against me” also said “who is not against me is for me”

  3. That last post is what Biden and Pelosi should have heard from the mouth of Francis. I hope they will hear it somehow.

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