135 thoughts on “We are at the Great Separation: It is now Humanity vs. the DeathVaxx Monsters”

  1. Great video – thank you as always Brother! Sadly it is buffering and difficult to watch – perhaps your website is under attack?

      1. Vi invito voi italiani di trascrivere le parole e tradurrle per aiutare voi che non conoscono l’inglese. Io, purtroppo, ha ne il talento ne il tempo di fare questo lavoro.

      2. I’m trying to collect from people here where I”m at so I can more confidently help. This month I’ll review and try to donate more monthly.

        It really is amazing how much you and those that you work with produce – I must create a list of places to be watching as I discover a new place weekly.

        I’m impressed with the energy.

      3. I understand that Bergoglio is not, overall, serving God. But I also believe that we will always have a valid Pope, until Our Lord returns. We, the Church, have had “bad shepherds” before. Is Bergoglio the legitimate Pope? If he’s not, then what happens when Pope emeritis Benedict dies? The Cardinals won’t hold a conclave until Bergoglio either dies or resigns… I’m confused.

      4. Yes you are, because since God has promised the Petrine Office until the end of time, the Holy Spirit will always convict hearts to make it happen…

      5. I have a question it seems to me that they are trying to become immortal and I think that they will succeed as a Revelations it talks about not being able to die for five months is this because they will have twisted and mutilated their bodies into something more or less that is like the Hydra and become immortal???

      6. Padre Pio also should be listened to… His letters from Jesus are warning us… Thank you for speaking… 🙏🙏

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      8. Please keep us updated if you hear regarding those hydras, if they affect the spread via lymp, sweat and saliva…thank you….great vid

    1. Heard this from you on an American radio show “What’s Right What’s Left” last nights 2nd hour. Bravo for exposing the truth- please check into Tony Pantalleresco’s info about this OPERATING SYSTEM and how the unV’d may have hope with something like the Van DeGraff generator. He’s on Bitchute under INDEPENDZ. As Pastor Ernie Sanders says ‘Keep Fighting the Fight’!!!! Maureen from Tampa USA

  2. Hi Br Bugnolo,
    There are lots of different “vaccines” – are they all as bad as each other? Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astra-Zeneca, the Russian/Chinese ones … Are they all involved in the same conspiracy and all deadly?

    1. It is all the same conspiracy, but not every vaccine is the same. The plan is to exterminate the Americas, Africa, Europe and S. Asia. So not all vaccines are as dangerous or lethal.

      1. Hi Bugnolo,

        Most people I know have had the Astra-Zeneca one. I’ve heard It’s not supposed to be as bad as the Pfizer or Moderna one. Is there hope for them or will they get the damage to the immune system and likely die as well?

      2. Unfortunately some time ago one could read that now ALL
        ‘vaccines’ have been made mRNA-style killers.

        But: those who are of the devil, are not of GOD.
        hence: they will not prevail, they just can bark.
        Noone can stay God’s Hand.

        Recently seen in a spiritual text: the solution for the worldproblems is the Christ Consciousness.

        And this formula: (in the Name of the Christ)I AM God-invincible (3x) for there is only God acting in every person,
        place and situation. (the whole 3 x)

      3. This invocation is absurd. The correct prayer is: O Jesus Christ, Son of God and my Savior, have mercy upom me, a wretched sinner.

    2. ALL vaccines are bad!!! Majority of vaccines are made from or use aborted fetal cells; not to mention the neurotoxins they put in them like aluminum, thimerasol and others; and there’s carcinogens in them as well. Proper diet, organic vitamins and minerals are the BEST to strengthen and keep your God given immune system! NO man can, has or ever will improve upon what God made!

      1. These jabs are not traditional vaccines so a lot of those things like aborted foetal cells which are in many vaccines don’t apply here. Doesn’t mean there aren’t many terrible & dangerous things in these jabs

        and LASTS A LIFETIME !!!
        NO child needs any va$$ines.
        The Greatest Lie told to the World, that va$$ines are
        safe and effective.

      3. Project Veritas has video and emails of Pfizer employees saying they needed to conceal the use of aborted fetal tissue.

    3. I don’t think the Russian and Chinese one’s are more than a regular vaccine not sure just heard that. India the same, came up with a different vaccine. The names you mentioned are all bad, all have a variety of doses of the toxins some are like instant kill shots other’s take longer I guess due to less and there’s a placebo kept for operatives of the deep state and they still get a vaccine passport and it’s for anyone they don’t want dead too fast because only the slow kill and keeping stories and data out of MSM, is going to trick people. TheHighwire.com with Del Bigtree explains it with wicked looking case examples that tell their story on quality video.

    4. God supersedes all of these prophecies or scientific pretenses of a global control if the vaccines are that harmful don’t the governments of the world know what is happening. People who are listening to this prophet of doom rise above all that he says remember god has power over all scientific experimentation God can turn water into wine so god will take care of you and me
      Milroy victoria australia

      1. God turned water into wine, because he had pity on a married couple who was poor, at the request of His Mother. That God works such mercies is without a doubt, but you cannot hope that He will when no one asks him and few deserve it.

  3. Can your soul exist in a genetically modified body? Could the end goal be the hijacking of the soul? Could the vax be the instrument to steal your soul for Satans final battle? Could the consequences be eternal? Farmer Mike.

    1. You cannot lose your soul genetically, but yes, the soul is empowered only to vivify the body God gave to it. Whether it can continue to vivify a geneticallly modified body is very doubtful indeed.

      1. If one takes the death vax knowing full well it has murdered babies in it to save one’s own life you commit a grave mortal sin.Also does it kill your soul?leaving you wide open to demonic possession. They say these people will become zombies in Revelation it talks about all of the demons possessing humans. Which I don’t think they can do unless u give them permission or commit agrave mortal sin. People do not understand the full consequences.

    2. I say Big Yes. All vaccines are all bad. The objective of these evil elites Lucifer clan is to kill humanity. Even the HPV/gardisal vaccine is to make our kids infertile.

  4. Appreciate your videos.
    Always most informative and honest!
    Prayer and common sense has kept me sane, a day at a time.
    Blessings to you all

    From southern New England,

    when I was young and beautiful, I studied in Rome at Temple U, Arnaldo DeBrescia , my U of Tampa had no Junior Year Program, so had to go to Temple instead, 1972, George McGovern was running for President.
    I was fortunate.

  5. There is speculation and evidence (e.g., your post “Not all DeathVaxxes are equal . . .”) that only a percentage, perhaps 15%, of the shots are deadly or dangerous., so that people aren’t too alarmed by so many people dying at once. The boosters will eventually get everyone who submits.

    If the rollout turns out to be more gradual than you suggest here, are there any numerologically significant dates that we can suppose the technocrats might have chosen to complete this project? 2030 seems to be a deadline of sorts, in my estimation.

  6. almost every other person i meet in india has a cold and had been vaxxed. so no ade happening.

    i think the vaxxed will get hiv over time

      1. I never said they would lose their souls. But St. John the Evangelist says that those who receive the Mark are those whose names are NOT written in the Book of Life.

      2. No St John never said those who take the mark are not in the Book of Life, but those who worshipped the first beast (from the sea), according to revelation 13:8.

  7. Wash your vegetables.
    Also, I had to switch butcher. His meat was giving some sort of allergic reactions.

  8. Very interesting. But do we really have, by now, all the required information available? Your prediction about the biological armaghennon, namely the death of “two or three billion vaxxed people in the next four months or so”, is based on the assumption of the almost complete and irreversible destruction of the immune system of the majority of vaxxed people. However, what about a possible spontaneous recovery of immune systems for vaxxed people?

    1. Good point. God has given us a human body that has amazing self healing abilities. I would think if one was injected but stopped the boosters and took a detox protocol there might be hope.

  9. I appreciate you saying the uninjected probably won’t be rounded up because the only ones to do that would be the injected, who will die off soon, and the uninjected wouldn’t go after their own kind. But you seem to forget that not everyone pushing the injections has actually had a real one, and people have been going after their own kind for a long time. All it takes is giving them a choice: would they like to be a hammer, or a nail?

    1. Jews conspired withe the nazis to kill their own. Treachery has no bounds. Soros was one of those from what I understand.

  10. Br Bugnolo…this is a war of GOOD VS EVIL..
    thank u 4 the great insight n definitely an EYE OPENER 2 us the unvaxxed 2 b extra careful in meeting n dealing wit the vaxxed…
    N yes the believers need 2 move out of these cities n start forming their own small communities totally free of all TYRANNY 4RM GOVT

  11. I agree that the unvaxxed should stay away from the vaxxed as much as possible. However, I don’t think the unvaxxed should necessarily abandon vaxxed family members. What if your mom in a nursing home was injected against her will? What if your son took the jab to keep his job and now regrets it? This would be like a son throwing his father who’s contracted the Bubonic plague into the street. The saints care for the dying, even at the cost of their own lives.

    1. Well if you die, you cannot care for their lives. So if you do occupy yourself for their care, you can do so through intermediaries who are vaxxed. But I still would urge you not to physically contact them. And I never said throw them in the street.

      1. I am surprised you didn’t mention anything about the power of Jesus Christ to heal. Jesus lives inside of us and we are his vessels there are many who pray for people who are sick and they are healed. I think it is time for the church to rise up and live as Jesus did.

      2. In the Book of the Apocalypse, chapter 9, there is no mention of Jesus healing. Those who took the DeathVaxx committed a horrible sin. I do not doubt they can repent of it, but I do not think God is obliged to heal them of the consequence of their sin. I think rather in humility they should accept the consequences as the punishment for their sin.

    2. Jesus Christ is greater than ANY convid/vxx plague. We should pray for the sick. The blood of Jesus and the power of His resurrection trumps any man-made plague but its up to Christian to minister it to others. I would also say Maranatha, come Lord Jesus. My 2 cents.

      1. If the Apocalypse is true prophetic scripture, then it will come to pass. There will be no intercession. All will transpire as written.

  12. Though I appreciate Br Bugnolo’s frank perspective, to me it seems too much gloom and doom. This would be the scenario without any external help, but I believe the Med Beds will be rolled out at some point in the not too distant future, and this will be a game-changer

    1. If this is the prophesied Apocalypse then it will indeed, I am afraid, be as gloomy as predicted.

  13. dr. scott gottlieb, ex-head of the FDA, said the scamdemic
    will be over by january. everyone just has to take the new
    oral Pfizer Magic Death Pill Paxlovid. this will work syner-gistically with the Death Vaccine to kill off even more

  14. Br Bugnolo.
    Thank you for your videos.
    To me it looks like the real plan is for the elite to promise the world’s politicians and scientists their place in the New world order (top of the pyramid with the eye) as a reward for fulfilling their part of the plan. But that the world’s people, what is left of them, will rise up and destroy the scientists, politicians and global elite once they awaken to the reality of what has been done to them and their families and friends. And this will all happen at an engineered moment of multiple simultaneous globaldisasters. Economic and currency collapse of the fiat system, new virus variant released which uses antibody Dependant Enhancement to kill off many of the vaccinated, natural disasters, and maybe even wars.
    I fear humanity will emerge from this through the leadership/miracles of a global hero, someone who will be worshipped as a god. Someone who will want to guarantee that mega wealthy elites can never exist ever again. Humanity will volunteer to hand him control of their ability to buy and sell in an attempt to enable that guarantee, and will worship him as their god and saviour. And he will be the antichrist.
    What do you think?

    1. We have a global hero, the only problem is that the world does not know in what heroism consists. BTW, His name is Jesus!

      1. there is one thing everyone forgets and that’s the GREAT DAY OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH AT ARMAGEDDON, so all these fools with these silly ideas about taking over the earth are fools because as gods word says all the wicked will de dead at Armageddon, and this Armageddon is not as third world war , but as revelation 16.16 says its the WAR OF THE GREAT DAY OF JEHOVAH, so all need to return to JEHOVAH NOW before its too late and forget the reset because IT WILL NOT HAPPEN

      1. Jehovah God is not a man that he should lie, because God cannot lie. He knows from the beginning what the end will be, this we can all currently see. He had the bible written and preserved for our instruction. Those putting faith in the ransom sacrifice of his dearest Son and publicly declare this fact and call upon the name of Jehovah will be saved. Romans 10:9, 13
        Jesus will undo all the machinations of the Devil and already, by keeping his integrity to the death, conquered the world, so putting faith in him in these perilous last days is our only hope for salvation, both for the jabbed and the pure bloods. Great faith is needed as some have not yet been put to the test. Those that endure to the end are the ones that will be saved. The meek shall inherit the earth and will reside or live forever on it…no more death, mourning and pain will be no more…the reward for faith and integrity is to have vack what Adam lost to us, everlasting life on a paradise earth. Psalms 37 and Revelation 21

      2. The terrestrial paradise is only a symbol of the heavenly. The lot of the just is to reign with Christ in a new Heavens and a new Earth, not this one…

  15. Fra Alexis,

    Pax et Bonum!! Yes, everything you have said is very possible in the physical world, but what about divine intervention in the spiritual world? Our destiny obviously is in God’s hands and all things are possible through Him. Everyone is living in fear. Placebo is also being administered in these trials. Let us all live in the Spirit of the Lord to help us get through these trials! Thank you for ALL your videos. I love them all! MilleGrazie! Pace e Bene!

    1. Yes, you are correct. I will do a new video about divine intervention and what is about to happen….

  16. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    First I want to thank you for creating this page for communicating to the world very important and valid end-times information. Thank you also for bringing on Dr. Zelenko where I have followed your open panel of discussion on science/medicine and faiths.

    I would like to ask (or maybe you have already covered this subject). What are your thoughts on apparition sights like Garabandal ( Warning and Miracle) and Medjugorje? Also, what are your thoughts on “seers” Luz De Maria de Bonilla, Gisella Cardia, John Leary and so many others who claim to be recieving messages fro Jesus, Mary and St. Miachael?

    The seers have shared the need to prepare blessed grapes, have blessed St. Michael oil and theives oil along with possible collapes of La Palma volcano (active now) creating a dealy stunami (can be mitigated with prayer), the preperation of refuges and so on.

    Not sure if you have already covered this subject but would like to know your thoughts if any.

    Thank you


    1. I do not regard any of those seers or apparitions to be of God. Yes, our Lady can meet us where we seek her, but in both cases the seers were caught in denials or lies. As for those seers you name, I stick to Church approved apparitions, the writings of the Saints and Sacred Scripture, and heed the counsel of St. John of the Cross, to beware of running after such things without putting things to the test.

      1. Dear Brother Bugnolo.
        I fully understand your position on Marian Apparitions however without an open mind to begin with you would never have accepted Fatima.
        Garabandal is an exception to the rule since it alone among Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century will provide its own proof by fulfillment of the major prophecies. Its at that point the Church will give its final approval. No approval before then protects the Virgin Messages from attack by demonic influences. The main purpose of the Holy Virgins appearances were the spreading of important Messages for the World following the refusal by Pope John XXII to release the content of the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960. The appearances of the Holy Virgin in Spain began in June 1961. The content of those Messages is of great import to the crisis in the Church and the World now before us.The Holy Virgins Messages have full ecclesiastical approval in a nota issued By the then Bishop of Santander; His Excellency Bishop Aldazabal in 1965and remain in effect to this very day.

      2. Sorry, but to say that Our Lady wants us to believe in a message without confirming that it is from God, makes Her seem a hyocrite, since She herself put Gabriel to the test when he announced the Incarnation. NO, the fact that you accept such an illogical principle of discernment means you have unfounded and irrational credence in Garabandal, and that is a sin. You have confirmed for me once again that Garabandal is NOT from God.

      3. Re; your reply to my comment. Your unfounded accusation of me as a sinner is almost beyond belief from a professed religious. The fact remains the Messages delivered to the seers for the World is what really counts. ….

      4. It is my duty as a man of God and an Franciscan to call out sin as sin and sinners as sinners. It is called a public rebuke and I do this because Jesus did this of the sinner of his day. If that shocks you, you have not yet come to understand what Christianity is all about and what a Christian ministry is supposed to be up to. No wonder then, that you are deceived by false prophets and false apparitions.


        Joey Lomangino’s recall of the when he talked to Padre Pio: “We made arrangements to come back again that same day and greeted Padre Pio in the cloister. When we knelt down, we said to him, “Padre Pio, is it true that the Virgin is appearing to the four girls of Garabandal?” And he said, “Yes.” We said, “Padre Pio, should we go there? He said, “Yes, why not?” And that’s how it happened. Because I received the assurance from Padre Pio that the Virgin was appearing and that he permitted me to go, then I wasn’t afraid and I went. “


        On Sept. 23, 1968, Conchita met Padre Pio’s close friend, Father Bernardino Cennamo, at Lourdes. It was Padre Pio’s wish to leave Conchita several personal items of his to her, after his death. He left her his rosary, one of the 3 Veils that covered his face at his wake, and one of his blood stained gloves. This act of friendship speaks volumes to me about how close they were, and how much he believed Conchita and the Garabandal apparitions.

        When Conchita had returned home she decided to write about the incident to a friend in Madrid. This is from Conchita’s interview in NEEDLES magazine in 1975:

        “I had the cloth in front of me while I wrote the letter when all of a sudden the room was filled with a fragrance. I had heard about the fragrances from Padre Pio, but I never paid any attention to them. The whole room filled with such a strong smell of perfume that I began to cry. It was the first time I experienced this, it happened after his death.”

      6. The Lefebrvrites cite Padre Pio too, and even the LGBT too, here in Italy, with personal testimony of a woman who says Padre Pio admired men. Do I believe all these claims. No.

    2. It is a good idea to have shelf-stable food stored, vitamins and minerals, a water filter. There may be problems with transportation that would affect supplies.
      Grow your own vegetables if you have the space.
      Rice, a variety of beans, oil, salt, flour, candles— for more ideas you can look at homestead videos on YouTube.

  17. Hello Brother,
    Here is some good commentary by Father Herman Kramer from his classic commentary on the Book of Revelations, “The Book of Destiny.” I thought maybe you and your readers would find it interesting.

    I think it is relevant to the whole Covid Crisis, especially the *worldwide, swift, emotional, angry, repetitive propaganda and violence* that pressured us into lockdowns and vaccines.
    I have put asterisks around the relevant parts that should remind us of the whole Godless Collective: the Media, Fauci, Big Pharma, the NWO pols., the Police State, etc..

    Revelations 9, Verses 9-10
    “The monsters wear breastplates like iron. This detail shows them to be *obstinate in their baleful intentions and activity and *unwilling to listen to reason….* This reveals them to be mailed against attack in debate and unwilling to be won over by reason or persuasion.*

    “Their wings make a noise like war-chariots and a great force of cavalry. Horses and chariots were the swiftest means of transportation and the most irresistible forces of attack, and here they are *a portent of the speed and rapidity with which this spiritual scourge shall spread over the earth.* In prophetical language, wings are emblems of contemplation and of *swift movements.* *These wings have only the latter quality. * The noise of their attack reminds us of savage warfare, and it signifies great power of propaganda. Reason or logic does not rule their speech or manners, and they can win only by their menacing appearance and vehement impetuosity *terrorizing into silence all who would assert their right to liberty of conscience…* (pp. 221-222, Book of Destiny)



  18. Zechariah 1:3
    Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    Say to them, “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: ‘return to me, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, and I shall return to you, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts

  19. Where is there more information about the “hydras” you talk about in your video? Where can we track information about the 160 to 250 million deaths each month over the next 12 months? Thank you for your information and your perspectives on it.

    1. You can find this in the numerous videos published in the last 2 weeks about the DeathVaxx. Use the search engine here at FromRome.Info.

      1. Thank you but I cannot find the search engine here and te terms I tried in other search engines found nothing. please advise how where to find this information because my wife decided to vax next Tuesday for business reasons… I will not, ever, but I need to have better information to inform her…

      2. Both on cellphone or computer, at FromRome.Info there is at the top of the page to the right, a greed magnifying glass, click that and add the words you want to search for.

      3. Try The Stew Peters show on Rumble. He has covered this with interviews of Doctors to an amazing detail.

  20. Please, can you tell me the source for the part about the vaccine triggering cancer? My husband is attempting to use his status as a cancer survivor to get exempt from his employers mandatory vaccine. Is there a study that I can point him to? Thank you so much.

    1. You should be able to link the two by finding cancer survivors on VAERS (where adverse events are reported) and search specifically within the “covid” vaccine reports. Take some time with it or ask someone you know who is tech savvy if needed – it’s a detailed search database. The goal is to show the doc that you’ve found data pointing to a probable link of a past cancer diagnosis and adverse reactions to the covid vaccines. Any kind of data helps with these exemptions because their acceptance by docs is quite ambiguous. Worst case, visit a psychiatrist and have him say he is in immense fear of the vaccine because of XY past experiences. They should give him a medical exemption due to psychosomatic reasons. Worked for someone I know. Shop around to different docs if needed. Good luck!

    2. Look on thecovidblog dot com

      There is a cancer durvivor on there who had terrible adverse effects— she said they never told her it was possible.

      Americasfrontlinedoctors dot com

      Childrenshealthdefense dot org

      Naturalnews.com might have some links to studies.

      Look up Dr Mercola( he was banned from YouTube)

      And dr Dave Janda of Operation Freedom

  21. I wonder what would happen if us unvaxed people ever got really sick or in an accident and had to have a blood transfusion. How would we know if the blood came from a vaxed person. That would be devastating.
    Can a person give there own blood to be stored in case you ever need it?

      1. Brother, I have spent weeks trying to organise blood from unvaxxed should I need it post birth next week (as I did for a precious baby). All doors and options are shut, no-one will facilitate it, even after a homebirth from willing donors in real time. Do I refuse vaxxed blood and potentially leave 11 children motherless?

      2. Dipi, do not used vaxxed blood. However, unless you have health problems, if you prepare with the right diet you should be able to produce all the blood you need to make it through childbirth, since our grandmothers and great grandmothers from Eve down to us did it and survived. Other than that, I would suggest posting a request on a local Church bulletin board, at a local profile orgnization etc., and similar groups and seek, for the Lord says, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, putting this in the hands of Jesus who gave us all of His Blood for our salvaation.

    1. I have also had this thought, that blood transfusions will no longer be safe. There is no way the medical authorities would separate vaxed and non vaxed blood ( unless the blood was required for the global elites). But I think that is the least of our problems. I am reading reports of people saying that the unvaccinated don’t desrve hospital treatment and also there are hospitals that are requiring people be double vaccinated before entry. And after the lies that the medical profession have spouted over last 2 years as well as the stories of people dying in hospitals alone without ever seeing their family ( were they vaxxed without consent?); how can we trust doctors now?
      You would be doing well to find a doctor that could provide you with unvaccinated blood. But I think the days of the unvaccinated being admitted into hospitals are ending. And you are lucky if you have a doctor you can trust.

  22. To people debating the different vaccines: even the main stream media is coming to realize what some of us have said since Feb 2020– the spike protein was manipulated in a lab ( or more than one lab). Anything made in a lab that makes people sicker than nature does, by definition is a bioweapon. And since the “vaccines” make “the spike protein of the SARS-CoV2 virus” in your body— the VACCINE IS THE SAME BIOWEAPON!! And remember when they told us we could die from a few spike proteins in our nose? They are injecting us with a genetic device that will make over a TRILLION SPIKE PROTEINS all over the body. Still want to find the best “vaccine”?

    Lee Merritt MD

    1. Dr Lee praises for your work, following your work since a few months. Since you have been keeping an eye on India i wanted to know what is your take is on the vaccines given in India ; one is the Astra Zeneca variant called covishield another is Covaxin. Being in India i haven’t seen ADE happening yet. Plenty of vaxxed here who have a cold but no ADE. Is it something that will happen further down the line or will these vaccines not induce any ADE if so are they based on sa-RNA?

  23. In Colorado, our Hitler governor created an executive order prioritizing the vaxxed over the unvaxxed in all Colorado hospitals. They’ll need it more than us at this point! #MementoMori

  24. Thank you very much for staying vigilent as a defender of humanity and faith. Your video are most excellent. I have sern them pop up on Telegram but had been unable to share the format. Tried uploading one to YouTube once and got immediate warning from them. I have shared your website with many as of today via test and FB messenger, and via email.

  25. I am not a medic, but i am a scientist. For what its worth, 90%+ doctors arent neither intelligent, neither virtuous, neither scientists.
    I also thought that shedding might actually be sufficient to contaminate unvaxxed.
    After vaccination started, I started a psioriasis, which doesnt go away, although under control and small. A friend of mine discovered a lot of parasites in his body, same timing. After a colleague got the vaxx, i was 2 days in the same room. I had 40° degrees of fever after, for 3 days, sweating like I never did.
    In theory, toxins get out of vaxxed body through air, skin and excrements. These toxins can include the spike, hydras and any kind of substance. When hundreds of people visit a supermarket, you get to breath all of that. Same at work or even in the street to some extent. So, logically, it seems impossible not to be contaminated to a certain extent as it will go to your mucus, and potentially blood stream. Now, the vaxx has to be kept at -90°, in certain conditions, so it also seems like the active components needed to provide for the replication capabilities of the vaxx can’t be propagated by air. Therefore it seems like shedding can cause disease, but is detoxed by the body somehow. Besides, you might think about mosquitos etc. biting a vaxxed then biting you or other animals.
    I say this, but it sounds logical to assume be that any amount of these toxines that you intake creates a small heart/brain/skin/organ inflammation depending on the person. As time goes it can grows with shedding and you might get similar diseases to vaxxed. Unlike them, they should be fixable, but I can’t be 100% sure for everyone everywhere.
    The body has a capacity X, depending on multiple factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress, environment and genetics. Genetics itself is activated depending on these factors. It is complex enough to assume that in a short period T, your body has a fixed regenrative capacity which he can’t expand much, even using its reserves. Unless environment, habits etc. change to be 100% optimal (ideal), the body might reach a toxicity where he can’t keep the balance everywhere, leading to “fire fighting” strategy and organic failure one by one. To put it simply, if you get 10 things to do in a short time, you might only be able to do 5 of them, the most critical, leaving the rest to grow and restarting the cycle. As the number of problems grow you eventually entirely collapse after some time.
    That’s a lot of hypothesis, but these seem to be verified in practice – That’s the scientific approach btw.
    Regarding the vaccine, it is clear that anything that will turn your cells into a factory of toxines needs an immune response identical to a cancer. The body needs to attack itself to destroy the modifed cells which keep multiplying as they arent sick and dont need to destroy themselves. And if they would, in any case the spike would be spread. So, no matter what is the answer from the cell, the vody needs to create an inflammatory response. With such concentration, it is comparable to a cancer in a terminal phase, injected at once. The body needs to fight everywhere, in every organs. The part where he won’t be able to fight wont develop symptoms as cells exposing the spike arent dangerous for the body, it is the immune response that’s dangerous. BUT these parts will be unatural, sick and cancerous over time I belive. For most people it seems to me logical that heart, lungs, skin/mucus, liver, brain and kidneys would be the first organs failing. Heart, brain and skin should be the most direct side effect: heart is the blood stream, brain relies on blood stream and complex balance to work, and skin is used for detoxification. Symptoms which should occur at short term and the most in theory: heart issues (& clotting), high fever, psioriasis/egzema, sleep disorder, panic attack, mood disorder, headaches, short breath/reduce physical endurance, and maybe diabetes.
    Similar symptoms may occur with shedding, but to a smaller scale.
    Regarding parasites, that’s another story. They inject them to us for dozens of years, and they are responsible for numerous diseases, including neurological degenerative diseases and cancers.
    In any case, alive or dead, God has already won. God can recreate humanity ultimately. But our duty is to fight for him. Our only chance is to create local communities and act locally. Now isnt the time yet, but soon vaxxed people themselves will turn against their masters. The system needs to start collapsing for anything to be done, if it can be.
    Whatever our suffering, let’s remember how Jesus Christ was beaten, tortured and how he felt nails sliding in his hands. Let’s remember how he felt his weight of his feet, with a nail in the middle, exposed to the sun, alone, insulted, humiliated, hopeless. Let’s remember his suffering so that we know that whatever they do to us, he experienced it before us. Let’s remember how they burned Christians, pierced their eyes, cut their legs, their hands. Let’s remember how they opened Christians alive to take their organs. Let’s remember every single torture evil people did to Christians so that we know that whatever we will live, others had worse and kept their face to death.

  26. Brother, once again, BRAVO! Would you mind clarifying for me what you meant when you said that if people got the placebo, they are “still in the game.” I believe most Americans are getting double-jabbed with either Moderna or Pfizer deathvaxxes.

    People I know who got the jab series (and now regret it), and show no apparent signs of damage/harm YET, are thinking (or better yet they are HOPING) they got the placebo. But common sense tells me that if they got a standard SERIES of 2 jabs, that it is highly unlikely that BOTH jabs were a placebo — even if they were very fortunate to have the placebo as just 1 of the jabs.

    So I’m not sure that the double jabbed really have much chance of surviving all this. And that even those who got a placebo as one of their jabs, are still in grave danger and “not” in a good place at all… thank you!

  27. After reading the Nov. 6 comment above, I confirmed the official name of the new Pfizer Magic Death Pill is indeed “Paxlovid.”

    If you break this into compound words and read it backwards, this is:
    ~ or ~
    “Devil Peace”

    Not accidental and absolutely creepy!

    1. Not sure if this is something or nothing. After playing around with covid 19-
      Turn 19 upside down and you get 61. Using the C, V, and D from covid ( ignore the vowels as per ancient Hebrew and Egyptian) you get:
      C= 100, V=5, D=500, 61. Add all together you get 666.

  28. FEMA nurses that are replacing the vax denying nurses in US Hospitals will not need to get the jab.. so maybe that camp guards are unvaccinated too ? To guard us unvaxced … 1. Dont get taken to a camp . 2. If you got in a camp start with massive uprising in the camps . The moment You get in the camp..

    1. When man throws himself off a cliff, God already in giving him reason gave him everything to avoid it. After that, one must suffer the consequences of his choices.

  29. Just when you think it can’t get any worse….it does. That is what I have said to myself every time I have learned about another layer of evil that is inside these vials of poison. Then one night I watched in horror as a computer was mining data from the vaccinated people’s bodies in real time, it was then I had a visceral reaction to this nightmare. That experience has been repeated with each new discovery of what is in these vaccines. I never imagined I would see any of this in my lifetime.

  30. I think “they” have nothing in common with human kind. They are aliens (and I do mean it). They must be the same that engineered us in Sumer back then. They always ruled the world and want us to leave now…

  31. Brother,
    Currently, I find myself surrounded by vaccinated people. I live in a Christian household with mostly vaccinated men and I frequently visit my mother who has been vaccinated. Are there any references you can provide for the potential of hydra infection? I have shared glasses of water with my mother and I recently got sick after spending a weekend with her. I started feeling sick a day after she received her first booster. I’ve recovered since with mild symptoms showing up here and there. Honestly, I’m embarrassed. Though I’ve stood up against the mandates, I have made myself vulnerable to the enemy’s agenda. I don’t believe you’re saying that I’ve inadvertently taken the vaccine because I’ve been around them, but do you believe my willingness to be in their presence is disobedience or conformity?

    Thank you,
    Keegan Mcintosh

    1. You have to take extreme medical caution around the DeathVaxxed. But to care for a mother is not a sin, however, if you keep getting sick you have the duty to use greater caution or omit. Definitely DO NOT share glasses of water with her.

  32. As 90-95% of those I work with are jabbed, I myself may not be long for this world if what he says about these effects being communicable to unjabbed are true.

    Great video. Stay firm in the Lord, pray to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and pray 15 decades of the Rosary daily.

  33. Well here we are on the 15th June 2022 and billions have not died, not even started to die on that scale. None of your predictions have come to fruition over 6 months later, so Brother Alexis how do you explain this?

    1. Death rates in all ages have increased in the last 24 months. More that 3 million have been added to the rolls of the permanently disabled in the USA. Did I say that billions would die in six months? I do not think so. Anyhow, I did 2 more reports about this since June, which you evidently did not see before you launched into your tirade.

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