Catholics you know what to do — So do it!

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Catholic revolt against Freemasonry in Mexico, which began in 1926 would have had victory, except for the fact that when the Lodges realized they had started something they would lose, they appealed to the Masons in the Vatican and were clever enough to convince Pius XI to call for the Catholics to surrender. They laid down their arms and then were massacred by the Mexican government. This was the first warning sign that the Vatican before World War II was already under control. And it is not a coincidence, that the Lateran Pact, by which the Masonic Kingdom of Italy gave the Vatican 2 Billion Lira in 1929 happened about the same time the Vatican wanted the war to end.

The film above, if you notice, has shifted the context of the Catholic rebellion from Catholic Faith and Jesus Christ to the quest for “liberty” and “freedom”.  And that too is a masonic manipulation.

From this conflict, the Lodges learned that the only way to destroy the Catholic Church was from within, by taking over the Vatican, the Papacy and the centers of priestly formation, which they have now have done with Vatican II, the Aggiornamento and the ousting of Pope Benedict XVI and the Scamdemic, defended by the new super-dogma, that the Freemason, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is the Pope despite Benedict never having abdicated.

However, the Cristeros, who were not organized by the Vatican, the Clergy or Seminaries, show us that with the Holy Spirit at our side, Catholics everywhere can organize an armed resistance against their persecutors, in every age. The only have to have faith that Christ is their King and He will give them victory if they fight to defend and extend His Kingdom.

Viva Cristo Rey!

5 thoughts on “Catholics you know what to do — So do it!”

  1. Neither are we! Organized by the Holy Ghost, Catholics everywhere will resist to the death! Remember the Vendee, Malta, Vienna, Mexico! The Holy Ghost will make the enemies of Christ’s Church pay for every inch they have taken from Christendom with their own blood! Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. “The film above, if you notice, has shifted the context of the Catholic rebellion from Catholic Faith and Jesus Christ to the quest for “liberty” and “freedom”. And that too is a masonic manipulation.”

    Most definitely.

    The film also has plenty of historical inconsistencies, which would normally be glossed over, were it not that they misrepresent the main characters. For film-making that purports to take a stance for the truth, to take artistic licence of such magnitude (of any kind if you ask me) is self-defeating: detractors could simply point to the inconsistencies and call the whole film and the true events it depicts mere fantasies.

    1. I have no seen the film, but if someone more knowledgeable about the Cristeros is able, I would appreciate publishing a detailed historical review of the film.

  3. The Lateran Pact in 1929 ratified in June and the end of the Cristeros War in June, 1929 was no coincidence! Excellent point Brother!

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