2 thoughts on “How to get a Religious Exemption: Case example”

  1. I’ve watched dozens of hours of Peggy Hall’s videos, used her website resources and got an “Attestation of Faith” letter months ago from her pastor husband. (I knew what was coming.) She is a gold mine.

    Three weeks ago, I was unlawfully put on leave without pay by a company I work for after submitting a request for accommodation for religious exemption from wearing a mask. I have challenged them using knowledge from Peggy, now awaiting the company response.

    Also waiting for a response from a second company I work for… federal contractors … to my request for accommodation for religious exemption to vaccination. I work hundreds of miles away from my home & have no contact with any company employee or client. Have been waiting for 2 weeks for their response. They’re no doubt trying to find a legal way not to offer the required “reasonable accommodation,” according to Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act. Legally, they have to accommodate my exemption as per terms written in the law … but a lot of lawlessness is going on just now, so it’s hard to say.

    Anyway, Peggy Hall is a godsend & has helped many people!

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