4 thoughts on “What the DeathVaxx does or did to you — A Doctor tells you plainly”

  1. Some 30 people now have been observed to have had c19 symptom relief (three doctors included) from ARGYROL, a micronized/protein silver colloid (20,000 parts per million-PPM), NDC# 68445-30-15, developed in the 1890’s and patented by Dr Barnes (see Argyrol.com). Nebulizer sittings were performed once daily until symptoms were erased.
    It appears recovery takes approximately the same amount of time to occur as the symptoms have been present previously.
    The silver is thought to stimulate respiratory epithelial regrowth as Silvadene does in skin epithelium regrowth in burn victims.
    Glutathione from Nanoceuticalsolutions.com is believed to aid in damage prevention from the cytokine blast in lungs also.
    MMS, chlorine dioxide (Cl2O2) in the majority of the 30 was not helpful.
    If there are any questions on the value and ownership of silver see Haggai 2:9.

    1. If collodial silver nebulized could bring relief, then it seems that the symptoms are caused by a toxin not a virus, because the virus damages in the bloodstream, not the lungs or nose.

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