Cardinal Burke was struck down after He espoused the Bergoglian Delirium

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Much of the Catholic world was shocked to learn of the grave illness that Cardinal Burke suffered this summer at the end of July. But what many did not realize is that this befell him after he espoused the extreme view that everything Bergoglio says must be obeyed.

His statements where made in the following Declaration given at the 25th anniversary of the CREDO Conference, on July 10, 2021, which you can read by clicking the image here below:

If you read the document you see that Burke is an extreme Bergoglian. That is, he espouses in public without question that Bergoglio is the holder of the Petrine munus, the Office of St. Peter.

For many Cardinals and Bishops, it has been the presumption of nearly all Catholics that they are honestly convinced this is the truth.  But this presumption cannot be extended to Cardinal Burke, who when on record to many persons in the Vatican and among his private circles, beginning in February of 2013 and for the following 4 years, telling all, that he doubted the validity of the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI to effect the loss of the Papal Office, because Benedict had renounced the ministry NOT the Petrine munus, as canon 332 §2 prescribes.

Thus, there is no other conclusion one can make, other than that in the sight of God, Cardinal Burke at the CREDO conference committed a stellar act of intellectual and moral hypocrisy by telling his audience that they must accept every decision of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as that of the Roman Pontiff.

You cannot mock God. And you certainly cannot do it in public and think God will not take vengeance upon you.

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8 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke was struck down after He espoused the Bergoglian Delirium”

  1. Unbelievable.
    Many I’ve trusted have turned out to be traitors.
    Perhaps Burke had a case of bad judgment, or was coerced into conceding to something wrong.
    I hope so. He’s an old man in poor health, could be easily bullied.

  2. Let’s not forget that regardless of whether he affirms Bergog as pontiff, we’ve been holding our breath for years now in re a “papal correction” on Amoris Laetitia. The man, it would seem, cannot deliver on any score; perhaps wound a tad too tightly in silk?
    Given that he was not stricken unto death, one wonders whether he’s being given time to make amends….

    1. It’s been posited that there has been no answer to the Dubia since only the Pope can answer it and Bergoglio knows that he’s not the true Pope.

  3. Yes. And, Burke also advises Michael Matt and Michael Voris… and Opus Dei. Unite the Clans? Yeah, right.

  4. So what in the world really happened???? I smell a (St. Gallen mafia/CIA) rat. While Burke is novus ordo (showing that he does not understand many critical realities), and thus is not fully trustworthy by any means, for him to have made such a blatant about-face on something SO essential is very perplexing. Is he just a coward (i.e., afraid to fully proclaim truth publicly) like the majority of Catholic clergy and prelates today? Or could he have been threatened? This seems plausible, as coercion via threats are a favorite weapon in the hands of the CIA and the other controllers — whom we know used it to produce Vatican II and the weaponized “Catholicism” of the prophesied “false church.”
    From signing the DUBIA to telling us to obey Bergoglio??? Such a huge contradiction may indicate that Burke is now ultimately “owned” and/or “being handled.” The reigning freemasonic Catholic controllers — and those who control them — are very skilled at dictating what can be done, what can be said, and who lives or dies. (And they will remain in control until the collegial consecration requested by Our Lady.) So, it looks like Burke is now basically useless unless he has a big conversion. And the American hierarchy is catastrophically sold out to the enemy in one way or another….

  5. It is stunning how much heresy Cardinal Burke can pack in this speech. If you accept Antipope Bergoglio as a true pope, you will become a heretic. A couple of examples:

    “ to distinguish, as the Church has always done, the words of the man who is Pope and the words of the Pope as Vicar of Christ on earth.“

    This sounds like a strange new version Nestorianism. A pope is not two separate persons!

    “The matter is complicated because Pope Francis regularly chooses to speak in a colloquial manner, whether during interviews given on airplanes or to news outlets, or in spontaneous remarks to various groups.”

    By making this pathetic excuse for Antipope Bergoglio, Burke is showing that he is a nominalist. Burke is denying the reality of universals and natures. Just because someone speaks colloquially does not change the reality of what he is saying!

    1. The proper distinction is when the pope says, I, he speaks as a private theologian, but when he says, We, he speaks as the Vicar of Christ. However, Christ’s prayer is for the man who is the pope, not just for the pope. He says, I have prayed for thee Simon, He did not say, I have prayed for thee Peter! Thus to hold that the man can become a pertinacious heretic or utter heresy habitually and continually as a private theologian is simply making a mockery of the efficacy of Christ’s prayer and the plain meaning of the Scriptural promise. Thus, Cardinal Burke is blaspheming Christ Jesus if he is he claiming that a man whose mouth utters what Bergoglio’s utters, without the slightest repentance, could be the Simon for whom Christ prayed.

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