The Antipope suffers from chronic Diarrhea

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news presents us often with uncomfortable truths, from which obvious conclusions can be drawn. And it also often presents us with coincidences or facts which symbolically represent the moral qualities of man, men, or nations.

Such is the news which breaks in these days from the FSSPX online journal:

I refer to the report, repeated therein, that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has had 33 centimeters of his colon removed in the recent bowel operation back in July of this year.

This man is so masonic, that his surgeries follow numbers which are religiously important to the Lodges numerologies (Colon btw is nearly Moloc written backwards. Moloc is the Cannanite god worshipped with the sacrifice of babies).

The human colon is naturally about 150 centimeters in length. That means that the Antipope has lost about 20% of his colon in the recent surgery.  The colons major function is to remove water from the remains of the food you have eaten, so it comes out as a solid.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio usurped the Papal Throne on March 13, 2013. Since then he has become world famous for the nearly daily verbal expression of outlandishly offensive statements. A thing which not a few Catholics have called diarrhea of the mouth.

That disease seems to have become so acute that it has descended all the way down to his god, for as the Apostle says, “their god is their belly and their glory is their shame”.

+ + +

But since the FSSPX article talks about the resignation of Bergoglio, I cannot omit to comment on that also.  The SSPX were founded by Archbishop Lefebvre, a collaborationist with the Vichy Government, when 4 seminarians approached him after Vatican II and asked him to provide a form of formation for priests which resisted the delirious abuses which followed Vatican II.  One of these was the current Msgr. Fellay, who according to Msgr. Williamson was backed by money from eastern Switzerland.

Bergoglio was backed by the St. Gallen Mafia, organized from eastern Switzerland and backed by big money from the same region. So much so, that the Deutsche Bank President and CEO, who decided to shut down the ATMs at the Vatican prior to Benedict XVI’s renunciation of ministry, where both graduates of the St. Gallen Business University.  How coincidental is that!

The FSSPX show that they are not real Catholic opposition by the article cited above,  because they call the Church a failure and do not propose a solution other than themselves. Their resistance creates power and money for themselves but not the salvation of the Dioceses which are essential parts of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Real Catholics propose a resolution of canonical problems and a restoration which is for all.  That is why real Catholics favor Bergoglio’s departure, while the FSSPX glory in the hope that he will stick around a do more damage.

All this has to do with the 1953 declaration of war by the U.S. Government against the Catholic Church. The long term objective is to make the Catholic Church look so bad, that the world will think that Freemasonry and the USA are the saviors of the world.

For that reason, when Hilary Clinton wanted a new Springtime in the Church, she arranged that the CIA get the cardinals to chose a Peronist from Argentina.  This is why Biden’s visit to the Vatican was to be highly covered by Vatican TV. That was the plan at least, before he introduced himself as Jill’s husband.

The truth is, however, that both Biden and Bergoglio are very ill and both have little time left.  God alone sets the times and places.  And I am persuaded that Bergoglio is headed for the exit on the left of the eternal stage in time for Christmas.

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16 thoughts on “The Antipope suffers from chronic Diarrhea”

  1. The more prevalent rumor is it was the anti-president, rather than the Anti-Pope, who had the accident. But who knows, maybe both? Politics and religion have degenerated into a Mel Brooks movie.

    1. You got that right. I don’t know how anyone can take any of this seriously any more. Finally this week I reached a final conclusion after 13 years of following this stuff, the only practical solution is to stockpile food, lots of it, long shelf life nonperishable. The zhit show ultimately will literally be exploding all over the place, the goal is to avoid the fallout at all $ costs.

      1. Perhaps all of the drivel this ursurper has extruded should be collected, compressed into a cylindrically shaped “cork” ….

    1. You should be careful what you wish for. If Bergoglio dies or resigns, either Benedict will “return”, or according to Saint Malachy, we’ll move into the reign of Peter the Roman:

      “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.”

      1. The prophecy of St. Malachy is a 16th forgery. He never wrote it and its author is unknown. Therefore, it cannot be called a prophecy and we risk mortal sin holding it to be such.

      2. I’ve got more confidence in the Jahenny prophecy: Peter & Paul appear to designate him who is to be elected…. We do not, of course, know the exact day or hour, but the Apocalypse rather strongly hints that the years AD run 3.5K, so the papacy has a ways to go….

  2. Might the charitable christian thing be to send the antipope a bag of psyllium husk and/or other apparent known remedies?
    Surely 1 Billion Catholics could help him out of those embarrassing loose bowel movements?!
    Failing that they could simply send him adult diapers and get everyone else to wear them in the name of Social SOLIDarity!

    1. Amen. That’s actually not a bad idea, for the coming days of no social services, most likely including infrastructure. At the rate they’re threatening to shut down everything if we don’t follow orders would not surprise me one bit if the potty gets turned off. Reading the fine print on my local city potty bill it says they have the authority to shut off the water as well, even though the water here is sold by an independent local association. I’ve actually been working on this since early this morning, gathering all the required documentation to satisfy the local city officials, give them the authority to take payment directly from an account, thereby avoiding ‘no shot no zhit’ ultimatum. How low can these people go, all the way down, obviously.

    2. With all the DNA talk of late comes this advisory: diarrhea is hereditary; it runs in your jeans.

  3. Brother Bugnolo,

    Your commentaries are absolutely hilarious. Very insightful, the past few articles have been making me LOL. Keep up the good work, I have been thoroughly enjoying this website. God bless you.

  4. I recommend digestive enzymes and gfree and organic, ….works wonders. All available at health food stores. What hes going though is very difficult.Pope or not is not the issue when one is sick. IMOPINION.

    1. That’s the same logic being used in the U.S.
      to defend paying people who came here illegally, stay here illegally, overload the social services system illegally. The man stole the throne of Peter, we are paying his food rent and medical bills and now I’m supposed to send him a feel better soon card? He should be sending all of us a sympathy card IMO.

  5. God might be trying to teach the antipope what that organ is for: *expelling*, not admitting…

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