USA: Moderna & Pfizer DeathVaxxes distributed to kill in certain US States

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4 thoughts on “USA: Moderna & Pfizer DeathVaxxes distributed to kill in certain US States”

  1. It is, of course, an understatement to call these realities catastrophic. But it really should not come as any big surprise once we have studied and comprehend how our world — saturated in the now all-pervasive “culture of death” fomented by the satanic globalist controllers – – has operated for at least the last 100 years. And as the enemies of God and man have increasingly refined their weaponry, ALL aspects of our life are now heavily weaponized.

    Sadly, few can really appreciate the dark, dark reality that ALL vaccines are WEAPONS. They are sinister, fraudulent “medicine” — and have been from their very start — being FALSELY promoted as “healthcare.” They have become a permanent part of our lives over the last 70 years or so, such that most everyone runs blithely (and blindly) to be inoculated. For those who are awake, and especially those that are spiritually sensitive, it is very easy to see that “vaccines” have been DEPLOYED against ALL HUMANITY by the adepts of Satan himself for a very long time…

    And as their evil “medical” technology discoveries continually increase, and they have, for example, concocted race-specific bioweapons, it is easy to understand that they can program or deploy their weapons for all manner of specificity. Many years ago, Bill Gates spoke of attacking what he believed to be the part of a human being that made him/her more religious or spiritual. Truly unfathomable evil!!!

    So as outrageous and sinister as we see their targeting to be, we should realize that this is only one very evil aspect of the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-pronged WEAPONRY that is increasingly unleashed against us. We are living in a world that has universally rebelled against God and has thus been abandoned to the hell that results when God is absent. We are now truly under the governance and control not just of psychopathic, human-hating people — but of Satan himself.

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