Bergoglio says Mass on tombs of Moors who raped 60000 Italians

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Commentary on the above by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglio is a CIA asset tasked with completing the Doctrinal Warefare program of the U.S. Government against Catholic Church, by making the Catholic Church seem so ridiculous that all hail the Masonic USA as the Savior of the World, and dump Jesus Christ and His Church in the wastebin of history.

To fulfill that goal, after meeting with the Globalist Puppet Deep State Dictator of the USA, Joe Biden, Bergoglio rushed off to the French WWII cemetery here at Rome. on Monte Mario, to pray for the repose of the souls who suffered violence in war.

The only problem is, the vast majority of the French soldiers buried there are not Frenchmen, they are Moroccans. And they belongs to a contingent which raped more than 60,000 Italian women, men, girls, boys and babies — even one Catholic priest!– as they marched to “liberate” the Italian peninsula in 1943-4.

You cannot perpetrate a more offensive sacrilege by such a mass in such a place.

That is why I am convinced the CIA suggested it to him.

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