Dr. Zelenko and Br. Bugnolo talk about the Great Reset & Mark of the Beast

Watch Dr. Zelenko speak with Br. Bugnolo, Rabbi Chananya Weissman, and Mrs. Tamar Yonah, Israeli activist, about the Great Reset in Italy, USA and Israel and how to resist the globalist Great Reset.

In this session, Dr. Zelenko asks Br. Bugnolo to explain the Mark of the Beast and the Anti-Christ to non-Catholics.

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10 thoughts on “Dr. Zelenko and Br. Bugnolo talk about the Great Reset & Mark of the Beast”

  1. So so full of good will, good advice, good perspective…just plain good eveything that was shared with the whole world. Thank you to all of you. Our hearts prayers are ascending to our Good God who will help us all in battle as long as we keep Him in it.Our Jewish Mother in Heaven is heavily engaged in this battle also believe it or not.Christians believe she is Queen of Heaven and earth.

  2. How refreshing to have access to people of God whom don’t care what others think in-so-far as to spread basic and important information censored from media/tech propagandists too often.
    Dr. Zelenko, while some whom are uncomfortable with the differences in Judaism/Christianity; many could handle a discussion about the topic and still the necessity to control the dialogue was imperative for the purposes defined here.
    Tamar and Rabbi Chananya, loved your expressions of faith concerning Israel and living/dying in the traditional homeland with Jewish people.
    Br. Bugnolo, great content creation as usual. Thank you. “Hear O Israel; the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.” Indeed, Dr. Zelenko, we are family; of God.

  3. Man, I can see Br. Alexis holding back, ‘you lost it when you broke the Old Covenant. Jerusalem was retaken by the Catholics when it was under siege by the Muslims.” Not to mention the other truth bombs he could of dropped about Lord Jacob Rothschild and his brother helping to “found the modern state of israel.”

    1. One other point, Andrew. When the Catholic Christian Crusaders conquered Jerusalem from the Muslims, they gathered the Jewish Men, Women and Children of Jerusalem in the synagogues and burned them alive while the Soldiers of Christ sang the “Te Deum”. Ditto for massacring most of the Muslim Men, Women and Children in the City. When Saladin the Muslim reconquered Jerusalem from the Catholics, with True Christian Charity, Saladin let the Christians go, there was no massacre. Only a ransom had to be paid, and they were freed and let go. Shalom from Jerusalem, ISRAEL, LJG

      1. It is a myth that the Crusaders massacred all the Muslims and Jews when they took Jerusalem on July 14, 1099 A. D.. Like all medieval sieges, when the city was taken some citizens submitted and some resisted. Many of the Jews of the city declared beforehand that they would defend the city. But the city had just been taken months earlier by the current Muslim rulers who replaced the previous ones who had truly massacred. Did some Crusaders kill innocents in the confusion of the assault? That happened in every battle for bad reasons and confusion. The crusaders who were involved in killing innocents when Jersualem was taken were denounced to the Holy See who excommunicated them. That is the truth of history. Unfortunately, many writers long after the fact, who bristle at the historic fact that Catholic Crusaders took Jerusalem and established a government which was so peaceful and preferred by their contemporary Jews and Muslims, small details of the Crusades are exaggerated and presented as the entire reality. This does not mean that nothing wrong happened, but it does mean that one cannot attribute the responsibility of certain specific tragedies to all the Crusaders who participated. This smearing of responsibility to blacken the name of innocent men is to be repudiated in all human events.

  4. Br. Alexis,
    Your discussion of the Mark of the Beast starting at 21:50 is so good, I think that entire segment should be captured and posted here as a highlight.

  5. Didn’t Isreal give dr fauci 1 million dollars for such a great job on the gene therapy rollout? Didn’t dr fauci say “Isreal is a model for the whole world , with their vaccine protocols”, no mention of B’nai B’rith, no mention that the entire USA government is captured by Rothschild, illuminati, cfr for the black nobility as is the Supreme Court, most are dual Isreali citizens, people that are not a part of the NWO secret society’s death cults …. must all stand together to fight this agenda. God said that” he will cut the days short because there would not be any flesh left”. The NWO are coming to inject our children using them to get vax protection for liability by getting on vaccine schedule . Q is a Cia psyop, Trump is part of the nwo, his handler is kushner, his granddaughter learned Chinese, video of how proud her first language is Chinese, when he was with Xi . May God have mercy on us .

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