Globalist Dictatorship attempts to crush Popular Revolt by expelling Puzzer from Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The massive popular uprising which began at Trieste, among the longshormen, led by Stefano Puzzer, and which has now spread to all of Italy, came to Rome yesterday, when Puzzer planted himself in the Piazza del Popolo and demanded the government of Mario Draghi abolish the DeathVaxx Passport.

Within minutes of his declaration, hundreds of Italians began flocking to his side in the Piazza.

I was one of the first to make a public call to all Italians to do the same:

There is no one like Puzzer who has shown the reality of the Italian political scene. All the groups which want to save Italy only if it promotes themselves are attacking him.  All the true Italians who want liberty from the Sanitary Dictatorship are praising him and calling him a modern Italian hero, as I have done.

Here is one of the YouTubers, who speaks on political arguments, whose video is being promoted by Google (that all you need to know). He claims Puzzer is a pawn of globalists to fool everyone!

The truth is rather that within hours the government asked the Questura to expel Puzzer from Rome for one year.  He had committed no crime other than threaten the Globalist control of Italy. They understand, as I do, that Puzzer is the spark which can ignite a revolution.

That the government of a democracy can expel a citizen from the national capital for doing nothing criminal or violent is BEYOND everything which a free citizenry can tolerate.  This alone is a crime which would merit the fall of the government. This outrage, thankfully, will only stoke the coals of revolution. And it shows how desperate the GoldmanSachs Dictatorship of Mario Draghi is.

Here is a FB direct produced by one of Puzzer’s allies:

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  1. We are currently witnessing in Italy the attempt – put forward by the leftist Democratic Party but inspired by the Satanic Synagogoues and the Free Masonry – to establish a fully-fledged dictatorship.

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