3 thoughts on “How to prepare against coming possible Power outages & Civil unrest”

  1. I’m planning on building a gasifyer (creates fuel from wood) to power my generator. Here’s a video of a good size gasifyer but you can make much smaller ones. Some people use them to power their vehicles, (trucks, tractors, and motorcycles). https://youtu.be/E99hVtNbvBc

  2. People need to go back to simple times…
    Use what you can to go off-grid. If you can, purchase and install a woodstove. Prepare with bug-out bags in case you have to flee a dangerous situation. If you can purchase a water cooler so that you can buy 5L Gallons of water (Store unopened 5L gallons of water in basement). Purchase emergency food (shelf-life of 25 years) to get you through at least 1 year. All Governments, Police and Health Care Agencies that you’ve become used to are now corrupt. Look into growing your own food in the summer months and if you have the outdoor space to do so, buy yourself some chickens. In trying times, do not neglect to help those around you as much as possible. Be kind to all, even those who haven fallen prey to the death-jab. God Bless everyone.

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