Prince Charles: The Great Reset needs a “vast military-style campaign”

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7 thoughts on “Prince Charles: The Great Reset needs a “vast military-style campaign””

  1. it is hoped that Prince Charles will not entertain being a political leader.His mother is so successful as she allows the countries of the Commonwealth to rule their own countries. Praying that World War 3 does not eventuate! For the sake of the children ,let give the world PEACE!

  2. Dumbo needs to shut up. Nobody cares what Dumbo has to say.
    An emperor without clothes. Crawl back into your hole, you luciferian and masonic shitbag. People who are royalists, especially those that wave the little flag, when the disgusting inbreeds drive past, are pathetic morons, and should join him into the hole.

  3. I overheard an Israeli say that the reason his people are so compliant is that the restrictions are being sold as a war measure.

  4. He’s a freak show. At any rate Catholic prophecy from Abbé Souffrant iirc says a English queen will ask the Great French Monarch for help because the situation in England will be dire (think of the large paki population) and convert with her young children to Catholicism. The French monarch feeling sorry will help England and then be subservient to the French monarch. Kate imo looks to be the next Catholic queen of England.

  5. BTW, those same prophecies state an English queen who slept in Marie Antoinette’s bed (there is much historical footage of QEII visiting Versailles) will end with the same fate as Marie Antoinette. Bet she never imagined that when she lay down to sleep there that night in the 1950s or whenever it was.

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