8 thoughts on “UN: All public school children to be DeathVaxxed by presumed consent”

  1. Go. JOE Brandon.. that’s how misinformation gets spread . We are all parrots not parents..We dont deserve to make decisions for our own kids.


  2. Today Biden said starting the 4th of January, Christians and their kids can now choose to die slow by starvation or else we can choose to self-inject ourselves with a lethal death serum and just get it over with quicker. At least the government gave us two options for killing ourselves now. They didn’t say when we had to do it by, just that they’ll be watching to make sure we do it. Seems to me death by lethal injection would be worse since it could take a year or two to fully kill us. Hate to tell the kids though there wont be any food for them after the 4th. Anyway, Biden said it doesn’t matter so much how we Christians kill ourselves and our families so long as we just get the job done, and don’t take too long to do it- cause they’re pretty tired of us Little Christs taking up space on their planet. -So at least we have two options now. Good to know. -Welp, better get after deciding which way my family and I want to die.

  3. This makes perfect sense because, of course, if you send your children to public schools, the UN presumes you hate your children.

  4. Am I not reading properly…. The so called UN Dokument is a proposel from WHO and the videolink is about a man who lost his Chile to Pfizer.
    That said, I am certain mandates or worse is where we are all heading.
    May God have mercy on us.

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