Aussie calls for overthrow of National Government

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4 thoughts on “Aussie calls for overthrow of National Government”

  1. Dear Max Igan,
    Remember the absolute folly of Australia’s 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) which removed 640,000 to 650,000 guns from law abiding citizens. Do you reckon Aussies wish they still owned those guns today?!
    Regrettably, due to their own shortsightedness, Aussies made the choice to disarm themselves for the sake of ‘safety and security’ and now they’re at the mercy of the merciless. They now live with the consequences of their poor choice.
    So “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”
    Perhaps, one positive will come from the horror and injustice we are witnessing… The Australian disaster will serve as the perfect example for future generations as to why a Free People ought NEVER SURRENDER THEIR FIREARMS under any circumstances. Firearms are a manifestation of freedom itself and a Free People’s last resort to be used in the defense of their God given inalienable rights and against the oppression of a tyrannical government.
    Best regards,

    1. Maybe, but remember the Australian voters, by a majority, elected their State and Federal Governments. Like everything else mistakes have consequences.
      Firearms do not afford protection against viruses – even fake ones.
      Visit any major city in Australia and you can still walk down the street without being threatened by gun violence or mugging.

    2. There are over one million Aussies who are gun owners in Australia. There are more Australian gun owners than active duty military. Your ‘tone’ is noted as is your lack of empathy for a peace loving society with no history of civil war or revolution. Meanwhile, while you waggle your finger at Aussies, the US has been taken over in a communist coup, your children are being indoctrinated by Marxism, you have mandatory jabs in many of your states and workplaces, and let’s not forget the invasion that has been going on on the southern border for a year.

      Pretty sure “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it” is not part of Christian theology or philosophy. We are our brothers keepers.

      Good luck to us all.

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