5 thoughts on “That DeathVaxx BOOSTER is 10x more deadly”

  1. We are at Level 3 here in New Zealand. They keep changing the levels, adding to them, calling them 3.1 or 3.2. The latest is that after dropping to a lower level, whenever that happens, they will use a new system, called the traffic light system. It never ends.
    I never wear a mask, but order online. Even when you are out in nature on long walks on tracks in parks, you still see people outside and in nature wearing masks. Some of them put it on as soon as they see you. Like the rest of us who don’t wear one are carrying a plague. Some of these people are so scared, that they even turn around and walk back, once they encounter others.
    Why are they even outside socialising with others then?
    No covid at all in the region or anyone sick anywhere, but still this disturbing behaviour from some. They are wearing the blue surgical masks outdoor. That mask does not protect against a virus anyway, and their eyes are not covered, and they don’t wash their hands or use sanitiser, but healthy people they encounter are apparently asymptomatic zombies.
    Anyway, it’s now nice to see more people not wearing masks outside, but not sure why that is?
    Are they all jabbed or are they waking up?
    Who knows?

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