BigPharma launches pill to cure the Virus which was never proven to exist

If you test positive to a DeathSwab, you will soon have to take the DeathPill

In 1984 –correction 2023, perhaps, — you will be a criminal if you do not take your DeathPills daily! Just imagine all the lovely meds which they can put in a pill that you are required to take for a non existent virus!

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3 thoughts on “BigPharma launches pill to cure the Virus which was never proven to exist”

  1. In a recent movie called The Giver, every person was required to inject himself with a drug every day as he left the house. The drug suppressed hormones that allowed people to love others and want to marry and raise a family.

    One boy skipped the daily injection and awoke from his drug-induced trance. Then the scales fell from his eyes, his emotions and hormones developed normally, and he saw that he had been living in a nightmare.

    Until that moment, he did not know that there was such a thing as death. He did not know that unwanted babies were being thrown down the garbage chute.

    He decides to break away to freedom. He grabs his baby brother who is scheduled to be killed, and sleds out of the town.

    He and his brother flee to the wilderness. In the last scene, he can hear the welcoming sounds of laughter and talking in the distance. It’s understood that he has stumbled upon a village of free humans.

    Predictive programming.

  2. This morning I watched the local news in my hom.e town ..which has a catholic mayor( note. small ” c” is not a typo) ….It was reported that our very large city will now offer free round trip American Airlines trip to any of several locations to the person who signs up the most children to take the vaxx jab. This ought to wake up anyone with a conscience to realize the inhuman insanity behind the ad agency propaganda behind this nazi style tactic. FYI… babies and children who get Covid dont get sick . They typically have 1 day of a headache or cough. Then they are immune
    So, why inject them? Money honey!! Our govt and media and politicians are corrupt.

    . And then are immune.

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