AUSTRALIA: Bosi says Australian Military is training to forcibly DeathVaxx citizenry

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17 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Bosi says Australian Military is training to forcibly DeathVaxx citizenry”

  1. It’s worse than that, he claims to have confirmed that the Australian military are training to shoot civilians in the back that are fleeing forced inoculations from Their moving vehicles!Bosi He’s a former lieutenant colonel in the SAS and therefore has inside knowledge of the working military and is not likely to be hyperbole

  2. Hysteria is already apparent by escalation of sabotage, ‘group-think’ words used when reporting, increased censoring and so many subtle behaviors and facial expressions. Going to get worse as they become more hysterical…

  3. Thank God Almighty that we still have our weapons in America! No body better come to my door and say that they’re here to administer my “Vaccine”!

  4. Go Ricarrdo Bosi.

    To date with the grace of God, I haven’t been vaxed, don’t ever intend to be unless I’m physically held down and force injected. I’ve never been PCR tested either, don’t ever want to be, I will refuse it if I’m asked.

    “I’m holding the line” and praying for God to convert all Australians to the one true faith, the consecration of Russia and for this evil to go back to hell from where it came from.

    1. Check out
      Children Health Defence
      (organization started by Robert Kennedy Jr)
      They are organizing worldwide events.

      God Bless you

    1. False hope is the worst, as it prevents people from acting before it is too late. As Christ said, “do not put your trust in princes.” and I would add, we each need to be ready to lay down our lives for our families, our communities, our country, for Christ and his church. If we are not willing to do this, the NWO will simply keep taking away our liberties. We need to resist NOW!

    2. Agree. This man interviewed Sacha Stone ( aka Rothschild lineage!). They are all UN puppets masquerading as Truthers. Dig deeper and see the Trojan horse. As a former new age occultist please be very, very wary of the Bosis, Stones, Ickes, Brands …. all in it together. No white or black hats… only blue mantle of Our Lady who will stomp all over the serpent’s head. Our Lady of Good Success is the apparition for our times …. the demonic masons will be crushed.

  5. Please God, let this be true. Significant prayer is needed. I’ve seen many times people wondering in comboxes, what can be done, and people do need to act, but if people do not ask God to help and seek His intervention, then all is likely lost. With God all things are possible. Conversely, without God it can go either way and maybe not the way you wanted. Pray, and act. Not act, and later on ask God for help as an afterthought.

  6. Nah! That’s can’t be ? All this is un Australian.
    We May have few dodgy politicians and a few brainwashed Victorian coppers.
    But Australians aren’t like these.
    We all stand up for each other.
    We wouldn’t back down to any henchmen.
    Mateship is our motto.

    1. Agreed. From Fiji yes we can confirm that what you are saying is true. Australians are resilient. Your history spells this out quite clearly. May Our Lady Help Of Christians protect you all and may victory sound in your land again. St. Michael send over your legions. Please do not delay

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