5 thoughts on “What? — The Heart does not pump blood?”

  1. Those brillant authors should prove their innovative blood circulation theory surving for a while a heart arrest 😀

    Please notice: “Rudolph Steiner”!! And suddendly all this weird magic nonsense makes sense 😉

    1. When your heart stops beating it blocks the flow of the blood rather than imparting momentum. This article does not deny that the heart assists in the movement of the blood, only that it does not pump it. The confusion arises from many misunderstanding what the definition of a pump is, and what it means to impart momentum. If you ride a bicycle and throw a ball in the same direction of your movement, the effort to propel the ball is true effort, but since you are moving its release from your hand in that direction subtracts some momentum from yourself. Likewise if you throw the ball in the direction from when you are coming, it will impart momentum. That is how the heart works. That is why when the blood is ejected from the heart, the blood vessel of the aorta is not subjected to higher pressure, but rather, lower pressure.

  2. Through all of this tyranny and ongoing genocide,
    I’ve learned more this past year than I have in a lifetime.
    I’m more aware and awake than most, and yet, it’s exciting to
    learn more and more about our bodies and our existence.
    I’ve spent the last 7 years becoming an amateur skywatcher, thanks to spending nights outside with my puppy, and that continues to be exciting every clear night.
    Learning about our bodies gives me one more thing to be happy about in this dark and demon infested world.

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